Campus Safety and Security

Our Commitment

The safety and well being of our students and employees are of the highest priority to North Park University. To ensure this priority, the University employs professional security personnel, including an experienced director with senior-command experience and off-duty police officers from local city, suburban, and state police organizations. Use the links below to access information from this team, including common sense, "street smart" advice to help assist you in your confidence in moving about the campus and the city of Chicago.

In addition, the University has designated a task force of administrators, faculty, and staff to facilitate calm, quick, and effective responses during emergency situations. In conjunction with local, state, and federal authorities, the University’s Emergency Management Team is ready to respond quickly and appropriately in times of emergency.

Emergencies can range from assaults on individuals to campus-wide events such as loss of utilities, natural disasters, or medical epidemics. While it is impossible to predict the type and scope of an emergency, we have provided procedures (see Emergency Response Procedures and Resources for Students, Faculty and Staff) to guide our responses during various types of emergencies. Please familiarize yourself with these materials.

Emergency planning is viewed as an ongoing responsibility. To this end, we welcome comments and suggestions as to how we might improve our procedures and/or our communications. Direct your comments to Dan Gooris, Director of Security.

Thank you for joining us as we keep our campus safe.
David L. Parkyn, President

Students Communing

About Campus Security

Our Campus Safety and Security team is on duty 24-hours-a-day to ensure the safety of North Park students, faculty, and staff.
Old Main at Night

Security Escort Service

After dusk, students can utilize the Security Escort Service as a method of safe transportation to and from locations on campus and select locations in the neighborhood.
Campus Safety and Security

Emergency Procedures

In the event that there is an emergency, you'll be well prepared by acquainting yourself with our emergency procedures. These guidelines are also posted in various locations around campus for the community's benefit.
Carmen Apartments

Personal Safety Tips

Learn what you can do to ensure your personal safety in residence halls and campus apartments, and while walking or driving in Chicago.
Students Talking

Campus Resources

Learn who to call for emergency and non-emergency situations on campus and where emergency resources are located.
Community Bulletin

Community Bulletin

This PDF download outlines important information regarding campus safety and security. It is updated yearly.