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North Park University uses the IDEA Student Rating of Instruction through Campus Labs.

IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction

About IDEA

The IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) is the instrument used at North Park University by students to provide feedback on teaching and learning based on their direct course experience, providing faculty with relevant information that can ultimately guide and strengthen teaching. Students complete the surveys anonymously and voluntarily at the end of each course.

IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) Instruments

The following forms are used by various programs at North Park:

  • IDEA Diagnostic Feedback Instrument

The Diagnostic Feedback Form is the tool of choice for a comprehensive assessment of teaching effectiveness.The form has 40 questions that provides both summative and formative feedback about student progress on relevant course objectives, observations of specific teaching methods, and overall impressions of the instructor and course.

  • IDEA Learning Essentials Instrument

The Learning Essentials Form is a shorter tool with 18 questions and provides feedback about student progress on relevant learning objectives and overall impressions of the instructor and course.  It is appropriate for use in courses where there is little direct instruction and outcomes are most important such as in a practicum or laboratory course.

  • IDEA Teaching Essentials Instrument

Teaching Essentials – Provides formative feedback about teaching methods highly correlated with instructor and course excellence. 12 questions. This form is currently being used by HaSS.

  • Customized SRI Instruments

In addition to the standardized instruments, IDEA allows for customized SRI instruments. The SMAT use customized SRI forms for some of their programs.

More information on IDEA SRI instruments


Administration of Course Evaluations happens through Campus Labs. Use your NPU username and password to access course evaluation through Campus Labs. If you encounter any problems logging in, please contact our office or JIRA.