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Healthcare Management

Healthcare organizations present managers with some of the most complex challenges in any industry. The certificate in healthcare management will give you the necessary tools to meet those challenges, exploring current issues, trends, and crises facing the industry, and providing a framework for effective management practice across key healthcare areas.

In the certificate program, you will study the financial concepts and strategies unique to healthcare, as well as the best practices related to assessment of organizational performance. Upon completion of the certificate, you’ll be prepared to effectively manage change and identify new opportunities, develop strategies and techniques for achieving fiscal accountability, and create a marketing plan for your healthcare organization.

Through a course schedule that can be completed through both face-to-face and online classes, you can complete your certificate in as little as 12 months. The program’s flexibility and affordability will allow you to earn this valuable credential as you advance your career, and all certificate courses can also be applied toward a degree, such as a master of organizational leadership or master of nonprofit administration.

You’ll learn from respected professional faculty, including current hospital administrators, who are dedicated to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals. The certificate in healthcare management program is one of the options the School of Business and Nonprofit Management offers to students committed to becoming successful, ethical leaders in the nonprofit sector.


These five classes are required for the certificate in healthcare management. Click on a course title to read its description.

Review our semester schedules to see current offerings, including online and on-campus classes.

This course addresses the economics and finance of modern healthcare organizations. It surveys the economic, social, political and ethical forces affecting the American healthcare industry and addresses the financial management required in this environment. It begins by reviewing public and private healthcare delivery and reimbursement systems, resource allocation issues, and the impact of current payer arrangements on the financial management of healthcare. Finally, financial strategies and operations will be covered and a sample financial plan for a hypothetical healthcare organization will be developed. Ethical considerations will be interwoven throughout the course.

This course explores critical trends and crises in the current and emerging American healthcare industry. The formation of healthcare policy in view of current trends and social concerns is explored from the perspective of the consumer, the provider and society at large. Extensive consideration is given to ethical concerns arising out of these issues.

This course focuses on developing a working knowledge of marketing as it applies to nonprofit organizations. Emphasis will be placed on developing a customer orientation, marketing planning and organization, and developing and organizing resources.

This course examines the assessment of effectiveness against service delivery objectives. The course uses the logic model and other theoretical models to better understand the outcomes and assessment process. Case studies will highlight evaluation issues for improved organizational performance. Prerequisite: Any SBNM course. This may not be the first course in the SBNM academic program.

Fifth course to be chosen in consultation with academic advisor.

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