Music Education (BME)

Why Study Music Education?

If you love music and dream of a career where you can inspire others to share your passion, a degree in music education will get you started down the right path. You’ll guide your students toward a love of music, helping them gain confidence and expand their imaginations—things they’ll use no matter what future career they pursue. Music educators work in public and private schools, at all grade levels, as well as at community organizations, camps, churches, and as private instructors.

Faculty Spotlight:
Dr. Joe Lill

Dr. Joe Lill points to many factors that make the School of Music a great place for young musicians of all sorts, including access to world-class musicians, opportunities for performing in a variety of ensembles, and the superior classroom education the University provides.

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Choose a Teaching Specialization

As a music education major, you’ll take courses to prepare you to teach in all settings—choral, instrumental, and general. Although your certification will be comprehensive and we encourage a variety of musical experiences, you’ll also select an area of teaching specialization, either instrumental or voice/piano. All music education options carry the same number of credit and teaching experience requirements for graduation and certification/licensure.

Classroom Experience

North Park’s music education program utilizes the resources of all our education degrees to get you into real classrooms early and eases your transition from observer to student teacher. Here’s the progression:

  • Targeted observations as part of the methods course
  • Teacher Aiding: observe and assist teacher/students (50+ hours)
  • Mini-Teaching: prepare and teach one lesson each day (7 weeks)
  • Student Teaching: full-time teaching (10–16 weeks)

Performance Opportunities

As a member of one of North Park’s signature ensembles you’ll perform throughout the year on- and off-campus. Special annual events include the Festival of Lessons and Carols, Chamber Music Showcase Competition, and Opera/Oratorio.

Community Partnerships

The School of Music partners with the People’s Music School, a Chicago organization offering free music education to children, on the YOURS Project, a program that provides free orchestral after-school music education. North Park students spend time teaching music at nearby public schools, gaining valuable experience and mentoring young musicians.

Certificate in Music for Social Change and Human Values

This new undergraduate certificate is the first of its kind in the nation, providing preparation for North Park music majors to teach through the El Sistema-inspired philosophy of music instruction. This certificate evolved from an ongoing collaboration with The People’s Music School, and is available in conjunction with any music degree program.

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