Music (BA)

Choose from Four Concentrations

Why Study Music?

If you love music and would like to explore as many options as possible, a bachelor of arts in music is a good degree to pursue. You’ll study on your chosen instrument or voice, take core courses like music theory and music history, while also having the opportunity to complete a variety of electives in other disciplines. You’ll be prepared to apply for graduate programs, or to begin your career in a variety of fields in music.

Music (BA) Concentrations

Choose a concentration of study that focuses on your talents and interests.

General Studies in Music

Get a music degree that will prepare you for a wide range of endeavors in the field of music with the flexibility to broaden your education with a second major, minor, or concentration.

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Pursue your dream of becoming a composer with specialized study in arranging, orchestration, songwriting, and technology in music.

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Jazz Studies (Instrumental)

Chicago is an ideal city for this unique program in instrumental jazz, offering top-notch instructors, multiple performance opportunities, and the chance to explore the city’s vast jazz scene.

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concentration in performance provides a strong foundation for future graduate study or to build a career in a variety of church, school, nonprofit, or professional performance settings.


Complement with a Certificate

Arts Management Certificate

Take advantage of North Park’s strength in nonprofit education to pair your love of music with specialized coursework and an internship that will prepare you for an array of careers.

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Certificate in Music for Social Change and Human Values

The music department’s innovative eight-semester-hour undergraduate certificate program is available to all music majors. Learn to teach young students how to play stringed instruments in an orchestra setting, using El Sistema-inspired techniques.

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The music faculty—both full- and part-time —are among the best in the business, most maintaining active careers along with teaching. From professors who teach academic music courses to vocal and instrumental studio instructors, you’ll have the opportunity to learn what you need to be successful.

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Focus Your Study

North Park’s BA in Music offers four concentrations to focus your study and prepare you for a career. Approach music broadly in the general studies concentration or focus your endeavors in composition or instrumental jazz studies. All of these degrees offer multiple performance opportunities and other experiences that will strengthen your musical gifts.

Double Majors

Double majors with music are easy to pursue at North Park. Some popular combinations include: 

Music and Art
Music and Business
Music and Christian Ministries Studies
Music and Communication Arts
Music and Education
Music and English
Music and History
Music and Modern Language
Music and Nursing and Health Sciences
Music and Philosophy
Music and Politics and Government
Music and Psychology
Music and Sociology
Music and STEM