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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Integrate science-based theories and concepts with ethical principles in the development, delivery, and evaluation of practice approaches that improve outcomes and reflect the Christian principles of the philosophy of the School of Nursing.
  2. Utilize knowledge of organizations and systems together with leadership skills to improve health outcomes and ensure patient safety.
  3. Provide leadership for the translation of research into practice.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of information systems/technology resources to implement quality improvement initiatives and to support practice and administrative decision-making.
  5. Demonstrate leadership in the development and implementation of health policy at various levels.
  6. Employ leadership skills with interprofessional teams to improve patient and population health outcomes.
  7. Engage in leadership to operationalize evidence-based clinical prevention and population health services for individuals, aggregates, and populations.
  8. Demonstrate advanced levels of clinical judgment, systems thinking, and accountability in designing, delivering, and evaluating evidence-based approaches to improve patient outcomes.