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Direct Entry Master of Science in Nursing Student Learning Outcomes

Our DEMSN program prepares you to sit for the NLCEX-RN license exam to obtain your RN license and to pursue career opportunities in nursing. You will also have the academic foundation necessary to pursue further education in the field, such as a post-master’s certification in an advanced practice specialty or nursing leadership and management.

As a graduate of our program, you will learn to:

  • Integrate core scientific and ethical principles, advanced nursing knowledge, professional values, and clinical excellence in master’s-level nursing practice that reflects the Christian principles of the philosophy of the School of Nursing.
  • Apply leadership skills in the design, coordination, delivery, and evaluation of safe and high-quality patient care.
  • Plan quality improvement initiatives to improve health outcomes.
  • Apply evidence-based approaches to guide master’s-level nursing practice.
  • Use information systems and technology to support practice.
  • Advocate for policies to improve the health of the public and the profession of nursing.
  • Demonstrate effective communication with interprofessional partners to improve the health of individuals and populations.
  • Plan, deliver, and evaluate effective, culturally responsive care to improve individual and population-based health outcomes with intentional emphasis on urban environments.
  • Design strategies for lifelong learning that incorporate professional nursing standards and accountability for practice.

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