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Online Options

The School of Professional Studies offers a significant number of online options for adult students. Whether online classes are the easiest to fit into your busy life, or you simply prefer the online delivery method, we know adult students require flexible options in their studies. You can complete four majors entirely online, or complete any degree by combining face-to-face and online courses—whatever works for you. Courses are offered in a variety of major, minor, certificate program, general education, and elective areas.

Our online courses and degree programs combine the quality and personal engagement of a North Park education with convenient, 24/7 online delivery. Online classes are offered at the same tuition rate as campus-based courses, taught by experienced professors who are committed to your success.

Flexible Schedule

School of Professional Studies courses are designed to fit your schedule.

  • Most online courses are “asynchronous”—you aren’t tied to a particular class time, allowing you to work whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Other courses also include opportunities for real-time, “synchronous” interaction with faculty and classmates.
  • Some courses are offered as “hybrid” classes, with a mix of online and face-to-face sessions.

Fully Online Majors

You may be able to complete up to 50 percent of your coursework toward any degree online, depending on your major and transfer credit. Complete your bachelor’s degree entirely online with the following majors:

Review the course schedule for a complete listing of the courses offered online.

If you aren’t sure whether online courses are for you, we offer free support and training to prepare you for successful learning in an online environment.