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Introduction to Online Learning (CANVAS 101S)

All students can easily go to their Canvas Dashboard to access the CANVAS 101S training tutorial without having to enroll or request to be enrolled. As a reminder, this training is completely online and is full of tutorials and videos for how to use Canvas from the students’ perspective. We hope that it will be beneficial. To manage what courses you see on your Dashboard, visit this Canvas Guide. 

Online Orientations

Undergraduates taking Online/Hybrid Courses

If you are enrolled in an online or hybrid course please take advantage of the CANVAS 101S tutorial. This online tutorial will help you become better acquainted with Canvas as well as give you information on expectations and best practices for success in an online or hybrid course environment.

New Student Online Orientation

This orientation is for new Graduate and School of Professional Studies students who are seeking a degree at North Park University. Throughout this orientation, you will be introduced to a range of topics from technology needs as a returning student, academic planning, financing your education and ensuring you are supported as a student here.

Your Online Orientation will be conducted on North Park’s Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. You will be given a brief introduction to Canvas, but for a more in-depth tutorial you will be directed to our Introduction to Canvas for Students Tutorial (CANVAS 101S) at the end of this orientation.

This orientation is a zero credit, pass/fail course.

Online and Hybrid Courses

Traditional Undergraduate Options

There are various online and hybrid options that you can take advantage of throughout your undergraduate education here at North Park. We are continuously adding newly developed online and hybrid courses to the schedule, so once enrolled, be sure to check the course listings each semester on WebAdvisor.

Graduate and Bachelor’s Degree Completion

North Park University offers online options for bachelor’s degree-completion students in our School of Professional Studies and graduate students in the School of Business and Nonprofit Management and North Park Theological Seminary. These courses are taught by expert faculty from each school and provide the opportunity for distance learners to experience the same engaging course material as students in a traditional face-to-face classroom setting.

The School of Professional Studies (SPS) and School of Business and Nonprofit Management (SBNM) offer options for entire certificates and degrees to be completed online, or students can choose to combine online with face-to-face courses in their chosen program of study. Online options provide flexibility for anyone’s schedule.

Online Options for SBNM

Online Options for SPS

North Park Theological Seminary (NPTS) offers online courses that can be combined with face-to-face courses on campus in Chicago toward three master’s degrees. In addition, certificate programs like spiritual direction and urban ministry combine intensive courses on campus during the summer with continued online study over the academic year. Some courses are even offered at regional locations throughout the year, combining online work with intensive class experiences.

Online Options for NPTS