Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) consists of regularly scheduled, out-of-class review sessions available to all students enrolled in a targeted course.

Collaborative peer-learning experiences help students improve their understanding of subject content, develop critical thinking, and strengthen study skills. Students discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and prepare for exams while growing as lifelong learners to achieve their fullest potential and career goals.

SI is a nationally recognized program developed by Deanna Martin, Ph.D. at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1972, that increases student performance and retention.

Virtual Supplemental Instruction

Virtual supplemental instruction sessions will be accessed using the Microsoft Teams application.

    • All SI session will occur through Microsoft Teams. Students enrolled in a course that offers SI will be added to the SI course Teams group.
    • Students can access recordings of SI sessions and other academic resources to support student learning, test preparation, and much more.
    • SI leaders will invite students to join the SI session through Microsoft Teams.

See also this Guide to Adjusting Your Study Habits for helpful tips on transitioning to online learning.

Intro to Human Anatomy
(SI BIOL 1250)

Cell Biology
(SI BIOL 1260)

Introduction to Zoology
(SI BIOL 2270)

(SI BIOL 2280)

(SI BIOL 2910)

Advance Human Physiology
(SI BIOL 2930)

Survey of Organic Chemistry
(SI CHEM 1021 Quad A)

Survey of Biochemistry
(SI CHEM 1031Quad B)

General Chemistry I
(SI CHEM 1150)

General Chemistry II
(SI CHEM 1160)

Organic Chemistry I
(SI CHEM 2310)

Organic Chemistry II
(SI CHEM 2320)

Statistics for Health Professions
(SI HSC 1490)

Introduction to Professional Practice
(SI NURS 3020 Quad A)

Nursing of Adults I
(SI NURS 3201 Quad B)

Pharmacology in Nursing
(SI NURS 3220)

(SI NURS 3240)

Introduction to Psychology
(PSYC 1000)

Introduction to Physics
(SI PHEN 1210)

Introduction to Physics II
(SI PHEN 1220)

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