Undergraduate Programs

Program Requirements

Students who complete the minor requirements for the Latino and Latin American studies (LAS) program will develop an awareness of the unique influences of Latino peoples on the culture of the West, with an emphasis on the contribution of Latino peoples to the economic, social, and political development of the Americas.

Minor Requirements

Prerequisite — Basic Spanish II (SPAN 1020), or equivalent

18 semester hours (sh) of courses beyond SPAN 1020


  • For Spanish majors, no more than two literature courses may apply to this minor.
  • Some coursework for this minor may be done through the North Park program in Cuenca, Ecuador, and the Council for the Christian Colleges & Universities Latin American Studies Program in San José, Costa Rica.


Click on the links below for course descriptions of all Latino and Latin American studies courses. For a complete list of all North Park’s programs and course offerings, review the academic catalog.

Surveys Mexican history from Pre-Columbian Period to the present and emphasizes Mexican American politics. Employs Marxian and Gramscian theory in examining the political influence of such organizations as the League of United Latin American Citizens and the protest rhetoric of Chicano leaders like Cesar Chavez. Examines selected points of common political interests shared by Mexicans and African Americans. Cross-listed with AS 2730.

The class employs Marxism and Gramscian theory in interpreting rap music specifically and hip hop culture generally as forms of resistance to the oppressive ideas and discriminatory policies of U.S. society. It offers a critical examination of Latino and Black political rappers viewing them as socially conscious activists committed to the uplift of their respective communities. Cross-listed with AS 2950

Selected topics in areas of Latin American themes, including but not limited to Latin American History, Latin American Economics, Latin American Politics, Latin American Culture, Latin American Music, etc. Course is repeatable.

Student must have consent of the instructor and chairperson of the division to register for this course.