Minors, Certificates, and Languages

Minors, Certificates, and Languages

In general, a minor is not required for degree completion. However, complimenting your major area of study with a minor, certificate, or language is a great way to expand your knowledge and skills in specialized areas.


In consultation with a student’s major advisor, a minor may be determined from one of the following:

1: A minor may be chosen from any of the major fields of study.

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2: A student may select a cohesive unit of five courses to be approved by their major advisor and the division chairperson of the minor discipline.

3: A student may choose from the five distinct minors offered as standalone programs. See listed below:


As an Arabic minor, you’ll acquire valuable communication skills in one of the world’s most prevalent languages, which can be practiced with other students and in our Chicago neighborhood.

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Information Technology

Gain a foundational knowledge of information technology with this computer science-focused minor as you prepare for jobs ranging from programmer and software developer to network maintenance and hardware expert.

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Latino and Latin American Studies

Broaden your knowledge of Latin American history and Hispanic and Latino life in the United States with this interdisciplinary program that includes religion, communication, sociology, and Spanish studies.

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Middle Eastern Studies

Explore the politics, history, culture, and religions of the Middle East. This program, the only one of its kind at an evangelically-affiliated college or university in the U.S., seeks to foster dialogue, understanding, and relationship-building across cultural and religious differences.

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Complement your degree with a foundation of knowledge and experience in the dramatic arts. You’ll receive hands-on training from professional theatre artists while developing practical skills in acting, directing, writing, and production.

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Women’s and Gender Studies

Gender issues continue to be at the forefront of culture, in the United States and around the world. A minor in women’s and gender studies will give you a look at the history, impact, and current issues of gender, complementing any major and adding value to your future career.

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Undergraduate Certificates

Actuarial Science Certificate

The actuarial science certificate is designed for math and business and economics majors preparing for careers in actuarial science, statistics, business, or economics. Actuaries work within the insurance, banking, accounting, technology, and education industries.

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Certificate in Music for Social Change and Human Values

This certificate, offered in partnership with the People’s Music School, focuses on teaching youth to use bowed stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, bass) through the El Sistema teaching model.

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Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) Credential

Regardless of your major, you may earn the coveted CNP—a professional credential designed to prepare you for a fulfilling and well-paying career in management in the nonprofit sector. Offered through a partnership with the national Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

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Arts Management Certificate

Arts management encompasses a wide range of careers, including managing community arts organizations, leading creative programs and events, or continuing professional education to pursue allied fields such as law, higher education, or publishing.



You can study more than a dozen languages at North Park, choosing a major in Spanish or incorporating Swedish into a Scandinavian Studies major. Or choose from a wide array of additional language options—including Arabic, Chinese, and New Testament Greek—to meet the modern language requirement or enhance your learning.

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