Undergraduate Programs

Program Requirements

Students who complete the minor requirements for the Middle Eastern studies (MES) program will develop an understanding of the politics, history, and religions of the Middle East.

Minor Requirements

20 semester hours (sh) of courses:

  • Required core courses (16 sh) — MES 2720; BTS 2700 or MES 2710; HIST 3320; POGO 3370
  • Elective course (4 sh) selected from the following — ARAB 1010 or 1020; CTS 3400; HIST 3310; POGO 2200, 2300, or 3390


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The course will examine in depth the origins of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity in their respective Middle Eastern contexts. Various sects and denominations within each religion will be studied, noting theological and political differences. Special attention will be given to contemporary political dynamics and manifestations of each religion in the Middle East and North America. Students will have first-hand encounters with local Muslim, Jewish, and Christian leaders and observe how their respective faith communities are adapting to western secular culture. Theological Emphasis.

The course will be a multi-disciplinary survey of Palestinian Christianity from the time of Jesus until the year 2000. Each major period will be studied in terms of the political, historical, theological, and interreligious context of Palestine. Emphasis will be placed on the origins and diversity of early Palestinian Christianity, the initial tension with Judaism, Roman occupation, Byzantine Christianity, Islam, the Crusades, Palestine under the Ottoman Empire, the rose of Zionism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the British Mandate, and the decline of Christianity in contemporary Israel and the Palestinian territories. Students will also be required to complete 12 hours of service learning in a religious or human rights institution related to the issues studies in class.

An intensive examination of a selected theme.