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Financial Aid and Tuition

Types of Aid

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants are both types of financial aid that you don’t have to pay back. Your academic work in high school or a previous college program, your community involvement, an organizational affiliation, a particular talent, or any number of other circumstances may help you qualify for these funds at North Park University, which help offset the cost of your tuition. North Park’s scholarship opportunities vary depending on what school or program you are applying to.

Many students also benefit from seeking additional outside scholarship opportunities. There are literally more groups than we can count that offer dollars for education in recognition of academic work, specific talents, essay contests, and many more scenarios. Funding from an outside scholarship organization can generally be applied at any school you attend. Learn more from our Helpful Resources page.


Traditional undergraduate students may be eligible for the government funded work-study program, which is based on financial need. If you choose, you can have your earnings from a campus work-study job applied to your tuition bill, or you may elect to use them for other costs of attendance.

Student Loans

Many students and their parents borrow money to help pay for a college or graduate education. There are several types of federal loan programs available, and North Park can help you figure out the best loan options for you and your family’s financial situation. Each has to be repaid, but most offer a significantly lower interest rate than other private loans. Loan options also vary depending on what program of study you are planning.

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