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April 28, 2022

130 Stories: Joyce Broman Appel

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Joyce Broman Appel C’45


“I attended North Park right in the middle of World War II, so there were very few men on campus. That made it a special time for us women, and we bonded because it was such a different setting. It’s because of my love of North Park and those days as a student that it’s on my heart to keep giving. I believe in North Park’s mission.


“I returned to community when my husband started teaching at North Park. Spending those years there really deepened my commitment to North Park. My brothers and sister all went to North Park, as did our oldest daughter.


“Last year on Blue and Gold Day I made a matching promise that if a certain number of people raised $2,000 in a certain amount of time, I would match it. I plan to give again on this Blue and Gold Day and I hope that my gift last year inspires people to make a matching gift this year!”

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