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April 26, 2022

130 Stories: Todd Durston

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Todd Durston C’94

“I have so many great memories of North Park, from playing soccer to working on the College News to hanging out in the art building. But, it was the people who made the difference. Freshman year I lobbed a snowball at a window in Ohlson House, where the first-year women lived at the time. It broke, and I was terrified. But the RD, Marilyn, showed such grace and kindness when I apologized.

“There were dozens of people like that at North Park, including my wonderful art professors, like Neal Murray. He spent so much time nurturing our talents and encouraging us. During the 90s, there was a strong group of grads going into advertising, a career I wanted to pursue. When I graduated, I almost immediately called on some of those older alums to help me establish my own career. Now, I’m a creative director at a large agency and I get to do all kinds of rewarding work, such as shooting commercials with Elmo. I give so much credit to my North Park education. Oh, and I also met my wife there. Thanks, North Park!”

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