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Minors on Campus

North Park University has adopted The Policy Regarding Minors on Campus. Consistent with its mission of faith, excellence in teaching, and building community in an Urban setting, North Park University organizes, endorses and allows the use of facilities by programs that serve minors. The requirements of this policy apply to faculty, academic appointees, staff, student employees, volunteers and others who work with University programs that serve minors. The purpose of the policy is to provide the best possible experiences for any minor visiting our campus or involved in a University-related program, fulfill our obligations mandated by law, help members of the community understand the University’s expectations for these programs, and to provide guidance on best practice.

Message to Parents of Minors

Information for Parents on the Safety of Children — Interacting with North Park University

North Park University is committed to safeguarding the well-being of children who participate in University-sponsored programs and activities. The Policy Regarding Minors on Campus sets training and conduct requirements for those individuals who are involved with University programs or programs that utilize University facilities and grounds that serve children. It also calls for supervisors and volunteers with youth programs and any individuals who have direct contact with minors through these programs to complete training on mandated reporting status, the policy and guidelines for working with youth (i.e., how to maintain appropriate boundaries).

The University wants to work with you and keep your child safe. If you have any questions of concerns about your child’s experience(s) with the University, or the Policy Regarding Minors on Campus, please let us know by:

  1. Talking to the University staff member who interacts most with your child
  2. Talking to the director of your child’s program
  3. Contacting Mark Plante at
  4. Calling the DCFS Hotline at 800.285.2873

We invite your help in keeping every child safe.

Message to Minors

North Park University is an equal opportunity institution that welcomes your participation and presence on campus. We strive to create a safe learning environment for minors. Our goal for minors on campus is to create an environment that allows you to take advantage of all the opportunities that our camps and learning environments provide. If at any time you do not feel safe or if you are unsure whether behavior directed toward you is appropriate, please contact Mark Plante at

The University provides other resources that are available to you if you feel unsafe. If you contact any of these resources, please make the resource immediately aware of your special status as a minor. This knowledge will help the resource provide you with assistance that is appropriate for your needs.

Campus Safety

From any campus phone: 5600

From any phone: 773.244.5600


Chicago Police Department: 911

If you have experienced discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct as it relates to this policy:

Title IX Coordinator for the University: 773.244.6276

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Hotline: 800.252.2873

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