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Policy: Minors on Campus at North Park University

Covered Programs: all programs and activities involving minors sponsored by or affiliated with North Park (whether for academic, educational, pre-collegiate, experiential, athletic, artistic, recreational, or other purposes) that are operated either (i) on campus or (ii) off campus under the direction and authority of the University

However, for purposes of this policy, Covered Programs do not include:

  1. University undergraduate, graduate, professional or continuing education academic programs to which minor students are admitted and enrolled for academic credit.
  2. Regularly scheduled classes or activities designed for enrolled students or individuals accepted for College enrollment.
  3. University faculty/staff residential properties
  4. Single instance visits by adolescents to meet with faculty or academic appointees to discuss academic, intellectual or career interest.
  5. Single guest lecturers or one-time participation in academic or research activities by academic guests.
  6. One-time events that take place on no more than two consecutive days.
  7. Single events on campus (such as festivals, convocations, or athletic events) that are generally open to the public and to people of all age groups at which children may be present;

Minor: any person under the age of 18. However, for purposes of this policy, the term does not include a person under the age of 18 who is either (i) enrolled in a North Park undergraduate or graduate program as a full-time student or (ii) employed by North Park (including interns).

Non-North Park Program: a program or activity that involves minors and uses North Park facilities but is not operated under the direction or authority of the University. Non-North Park Programs are also Covered Programs (unless an exception applies).

Program Staff: administrators, faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, volunteers, alumni, independent contractors, and third-party operators who work directly with, supervise, chaperone, or otherwise oversee minors in Covered Programs.