Office of the Registrar

Adding and Dropping Courses

You can make changes to your course schedule for any term until that term starts, and with certain limitations after it begins. The following information details North Park University’s course add and course drop procedures and guidelines. Please note that these procedures do not guarantee you admission into any course. We strongly suggest you meet regularly with your academic advisor to plan your successful course progression through your whole program.

Course Additions

You may add classes to your schedule before the beginning of each term and through the first week of class. Without permission from the instructor, you cannot add a full-semester class after the first week of the semester, nor can you add quad classes after the first week of the class. A late registration and/or a change in registration fee may be assessed.

Attendance in class without registering for the course will not be permitted. No credit will be granted if you have not registered for the class at the appropriate time.

Course Drops

You may drop a course without additional paperwork before the beginning of each term and through the first week of class. After the first week of class, you must submit an instructor-signed drop form to withdraw from a class.

If you decide to stop attending a class, you must formally withdraw from it by submitting a drop form. Mere absence from class or notice to the instructor without completing a drop form does not constitute an official drop. A grade of “DW” (dropped without permission) will be assigned to unauthorized drops and a grade point of zero applied.

Your course drop date will be counted from the date that formal written notice is filed with the Office of the Registrar. The last day to drop course with a grade of “W” depends on the length of the term. See the table below for details on how your grade report may be affected if you drop a course, depending on the length of that course and when you drop it.

Course Length Drop without an Assigned Grade Drop with an Assigned Grade of “W”
16 weeks End of 4th Week
Fall: 9/22/23
Spring: 2/9/24
5th–12th Week
Fall: 9/23–11/17/23
Spring: 2/10–4/12/24
7.5 weeks End of 4th Week
Fall A: 9/22/23
Fall B: 11/17/23
Spring A: 2/9/24
Spring B: 4/12/24
5th–6th Week
Fall A: 9/23–10/8/23
Fall B: 11/18–12/1/23
Spring A: 2/10–2/23/24
Spring B: 4/13–4/26/24
9 weeks (summer term) End of 4th Week 5th–7th Week
4.5 weeks (summer term) End of 2nd Week End of 3rd Week
3 weeks (May mini-term) End of 1st Week
Summer: 5/17/24
End of 2nd Week
Summer: 5/24/24

After these dates, you will be assigned grades that are used in the calculation of your GPA.

Additional Add/Drop Information

  • If a course is marked as closed in Student Planning, you must obtain permission to enroll from the course instruction by getting their signature on an Add/Drop Form before bringing the form to the Office of the Registrar to enroll in the class.
  • If you have not met a prerequisite for a class, you will need to obtain the signature of the instructor or your faculty advisor on an Add/Drop form before bringing the form to the Office of the Registrar to enroll in the class.
  • If you are a traditional undergraduate student and plan to take over 20 semester hours during a term, you must also complete an Overload Application.
  • You may not add a course after the first week of the class without permission from the instructor.
  • You may drop a class without academic penalty through the fourth week of class for most course terms (see table above). Classes dropped during this time will not appear on your transcript.
  • Beginning the fifth week of classes, you will be assigned a grade of “W” (withdrawn) for classes that you drop, and the class will be listed on your transcript. A “W” is not calculated into your grade point average (GPA).
  • When considering dropping classes, keep in mind that most student loan agencies and scholarships require you to be a full-time student. Contact the Office of Financial Aid with questions regarding your financial aid status and how it may be affected if you drop below full-time status.
  • Be advised that you cannot drop your last class (fully drop your entire schedule for the semester) online. You will need to contact the Office of the Registrar,, to drop your final course.