Office of the Registrar

Course Registration

Add/Drop Process

If you need assistance with a registration request, you may add or drop a course by filling out an add/drop form and bringing it to the Office of the Registrar. Changes can be made at any time before the end of the first week of class at no charge. There will be a $15 charge for any class added after the first week of the term. In order to process your request, the add/drop form must include your name, ID number, term, type of change (add or drop), and all pertinent course information (department, course number, section, title, number of credits, and instructor). Read more about our add/drop policies.

If you are not on campus and need to adjust your schedule –

  1. For course section additions or drops that cannot be made on Student Planning, communication should be made directly to
  2. Course section additions, please do one of the following:
    1. Have the instructor send an email to with their approval of your addition to the course section.
    2. Forward an email of an instructor approval of your addition to a course section to
  3. Course section drops, please do one of the following:
    1. Have the instructor send an email to with their acknowledgement that you will no longer be enrolled in the course section.
    2. Forward an email of an acknowledgement by the instructor that you will no longer be enrolled in a course section to

North Park University students register for one semester at a time, and all registration is done online.

Be advised that you cannot drop your last class (fully drop your entire schedule) online.  You will need to contact the Office of the Registrar,, to drop your final course.

Current Students/Registration for Upcoming Terms

North Park University students register for classes online. Undergraduate students are required to meet with their advisor prior to registration. Students should verify that their account is in good standing to prevent any issues with registration.

The registration schedule for traditional undergraduate students is based on cumulative credits earned. You will be notified of your registration date and time through your North Park email, and a registration schedule will be posted on this page.

Graduate and degree-completion students will be notified by their school or department offices when registration is available for the upcoming semester. This is typically in March/April for fall semester courses, and October for spring semester courses.

How to Register

Students will create their academic plans by searching for current course offerings in Student Planning in Self-Service. Before registering for your next semester of classes, you should be in contact with your faculty advisor to plan your schedule based on course offerings.

Self-Service Demos for Students

Self-Service Demos for Advisors

Student Planning FAQs for Students

Student Planning FAQs for Advisors


Summer/Fall 2024 Registration

Summer and Fall 2024 courses open for advising and student planning by students on Monday, March 4, 2024.

Students should consult their Student Plan and their advisor with questions regarding their degree completion and courses.

Please check with Student Accounts via to be sure your account is in good standing and to avoid delays in registering for the course sections you want.

Registration will occur according to the following schedule:

Class Level Window Open Date Number of Credits
Graduate Students Monday, March 25 n/a
Seniors Monday, March 25 >90
Juniors Monday, April 8 61–90
Sophomores Monday, April 15 31–60
First-Year Students Monday, April 22 0–30
Students with accommodations (any level), SPS Students, Athletes Monday, March 25 n/a


Please note that class level is determined by the number of credits completed. Courses in progress are not counted in the academic level determination.