Recreation and Sports

Policies and Staff

Location and Contact Information

  • Building Address: 3205 W. Carmen Ave., Chicago, IL 60625
  • Main Phone Number: (773) 244-5700
  • Weight Room: (773) 244-5264

Online Helwig Release

All students, faculty, and staff must sign a Helwig Release form online once per year. Access to Helwig will not be granted until the online release form has been signed. To sign the electronic waiver and release:

Sign Form

Students that are 17 years of age and younger must have a parent or guardian sign a release form instead of using the online release. This form must be submitted to:

Ericka Adams, Director of Wellness and Recreation
North Park University
3225 W. Foster Ave., Box 56
Chicago, IL 60625
Fax: (773) 244-5269

Helwig ID Policy

All students, faculty, and staff must present their own valid North Park ID to use the Helwig facilities. Violating this policy may result in disciplinary action. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:

  • Do not give your North Park ID to another person so they may access Helwig Recreation Center.
  • Do not use a false North Park ID to access Helwig Recreation Center.
  • Do not bend or crack your North Park ID as this makes it inactive. Inactive IDs will not be accepted at Helwig Recreation Center.
  • If your ID isn’t working properly it is your responsibility to have it fixed at Campus Safety.
  • Misuse of your North Park ID may result in loss of privileges at Helwig Recreation Center.

General Facility Rules

  1. Consult a physician prior to engaging in physical activity. North Park University is not responsible for accidents or injuries that occur.
  2. Only North Park students, faculty, and staff with a valid North Park ID will be allowed to use the facility. Entry and exit of the facilities must always be made through the designated front entrance.
  3. Use of tobacco, alcohol, and/or drugs is strictly prohibited.
  4. Water in a closed plastic container is the only drink permitted in the fitness and recreation area.
  5. No food or chewing gum is permitted in the fitness and recreation area.
  6. Cell phone use in locker rooms is prohibited.
  7. Appropriate athletic attire must be worn at all times. It is up to the discretion of the Helwig staff to determine appropriate attire for patrons. It is recommended to be conservative with athletic attire. No jeans, sandals, or non-athletic shoes. Muddy or dirty shoes are not permitted; participants should change into clean shoes prior to entering facility.
  8. Profanity or excessively loud/suggestive language is prohibited.
  9. North Park University is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Secure all personal items in lockers/cubbies provided.
  10. Wipe off equipment with provided gym wipes after every use.
  11. For the consideration and hygiene of others, please do not spit in drinking fountains.
  12. Injuries, accidents, or equipment failures must be reported to the staff. It is recommended that you carry proper identification with you at all times in the case of an emergency.
  13. Only signs/flyers approved by Helwig Recreation Center may be posted in designated areas.
  14. Animals are not permitted except for the express purpose of aiding persons with disabilities.
  15. Use of bikes, strollers, rollerblades, and skateboards are prohibited inside the recreation center. Please remove skates or blades prior to entering the facility. Lock bikes on University-provided bike racks and secure blades, skateboards, etc, in lockers/cubbies provided.
  16. Use of personal headphones is encouraged. You must get permission from the building supervisor to use bluetooth speakers or other loudspeakers while in the facility.
  17. The use of the facility is considered a privilege. Participants are asked to respect the rights of other participants and display good sportsmanship and manners. Those who do not follow established rules and regulations may be removed from the facility and have their privileges revoked.

General Discipline Policy

Patrons are required to follow all Helwig Recreation Center rules and policies. Individuals failing to abide by rules and policies are subject at minimum to the below discipline policy. All infractions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and in some circumstances punishment for failing to follow Helwig Recreation Center rules and policies may be more severe than what is listed below.

1st offense: A verbal warning will be given with written documentation of the infraction.

2nd offense: A second verbal warning will be given with written documentation of the infraction. The patron must have a conference with the building supervisor to discuss his/her behavior. The patron will be asked to leave the building and will lose privileges to use Helwig Recreation Center for the remainder of the day.

3rd offense: Privileges to use Helwig Recreation Center will be lost for the remainder of the semester and behavior will be reported to appropriate campus authorities.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

North Park University strictly prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance on campus or in conjunction with institution-sponsored events. Smoking is not permitted in Helwig Recreation Center or within 15 feet of a building’s entry on campus by law. Possession or use of a controlled substance is permitted only when it occurs pursuant to a valid prescribed medical treatment program. North Park also prohibits the possession or use of alcohol on campus and during work time if the employee is not on campus. Employees cannot report to work when under the influence or having noticeable evidence of recent alcohol use. Additionally, smoking is not permitted inside or outside any North Park University athletic facility.

Patrons using Helwig Recreation Center that are suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be immediately asked to leave the facility for their personal safety and the safety of patrons using the facility. Additionally patrons that are suspected to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any controlled substance that fail to adhere to the alcohol and drug policy may lose privileges to use Helwig and will be reported to the appropriate campus authorities.


The Helwig Recreation Center is for the use of North Park students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, spouses of Seminary students and resident directors who live in North Park Seminary housing can purchase a semester guest pass to use the facility. Patrons must present a current North Park University ID card to gain admittance; anyone who forgets their North Park ID will not be admitted into Helwig Recreation Center. Additional memberships will not be granted in order to honor the commitments made by North Park University and required by the City of Chicago as part of the zoning and site approval process. Memberships will not be granted to external groups or individuals.

Member Handbook


Please contact the Helwig Recreation Center staff with any questions about the facility and policies.

Susan Zimmer
Associate Athletic Director
Athletic Facilities Director
Office Phone: (773) 244-5673
Ericka Adams
Director of Wellness and Recreation
Office Phone: (773) 244-5618
(ext. 5618)