Aerial view of North Park University campus with Chicago skyline.

Ann Hicks

A Word from the Dean of SBNM

It has been a highlight of my life to be involved in preparing students for lives of significance and service as a professor of the School of Business and Nonprofit Management for the last seventeen years.  I am honored to now have the opportunity to continue this process as Dean of the school.

As a member of this community, you will benefit from the relationships that you will build with each other and with the faculty of our school.  Our faculty not only bring educational preparation in their chosen field to the classroom, but they also bring years of practical experience that will enrich the learning process.  They pride themselves on being accessible to you and will work with you, inside and outside of the classroom, to help you achieve educational and professional success.  Our student body brings to the classroom a diversity represented by different educational and professional backgrounds as well as different geographic and ethnic backgrounds.  This brings a richness to the learning environment that will only enhance your educational experience.

Whether you are an undergraduate student just embarking on your education or a graduate student pursuing advanced education to meet career goals, whether you are interested in for-profit or non-profit organizations, whether you are pursuing a certificate or a degree, whether you will be taking classes face-to-face or online, we are thrilled that you are considering the School of Business and Nonprofit Management at North Park University to continue your education!

Ann Ownby Hicks, PhD

Dean, School of Business and Nonprofit Management