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President’s Club

Leadership Society

The Leadership Society honors those who give annual cumulative gifts of $1,000 to $4,999 to North Park University.

Anonymous (5)
Ms. Ruth A. Abramson
Mrs. Emily J. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Leland M. Adell
Rev. and Mrs. David H. Ahlberg
Mrs. Anne T. Ahlem
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ahlem Jr.
Albany Bank & Trust Company, N.A.
Mr. Arnold D. Almer
Dr. Andrew M. Almquist and Dr. Ingrid K. Almquist
Dr. and Mrs. Terrance A. Almquist
Rev. Daniel Alvarez and Mrs. Ann R. Alvarez
The American Endowment Foundation
American United Life Insurance Company
Dr. and Mrs. Duane R. Anderson
Dr. Frances M. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn L. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Anderson
Mrs. Judith C. Anderson
Ms. Katherine Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Diann Anderson
Judge and Mrs. Leland P. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Anderson
Mrs. Joyce B. Appel
Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. Applequist
Arvada Covenant Church – Arvada, Colo.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Arvid
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ash
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Assim
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Baker
Mr. Ivan Balasanov
Mrs. Dorothy L. Balch
Ms. Barbara Barnes
Ms. Judith E. Barnes
Mr. William C. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Barnes
Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Becker
Mrs. Kristi T. Bergeson
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin B. Bjorlin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Blohm
Mr. James R. Blomgren
Mrs. Eleanor M. Bloom †
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Bloomwell
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Boge
Mrs. Renee E. Borkowski and Mr. Michael Borkowski
Col. and Mrs. E. Edmond Bowen Jr.
Dr. Dennis R. Bricault
Mr. and Mrs. Edson L. Bridges II
Bridges Family Charitable Foundation
Dr. Debra A. Brinkmann and Dr. Benjamin H. Brinkmann
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Brorson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Brott
Mr. and Mrs. E. John Bugbee
Mrs. Betty M. Carlson
Dr. and Mrs. Byron H. Carlson
Mrs. Janis L. Carlson
Dr. Judith K. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Carlson
Rev. and Mrs. LeRoy L. Carlson
Dr. Lynn M. Carlson and Mr. Prescott B. Winter
Miss Sharon M. Carlson
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Carlson
Dr. Rev. John N. Cedarleaf
Chapin-May Foundation
Mrs. Marion I. Christensen
Mr. Steven W. Churchill
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clauss
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Comfort
Mr. Jameson F. Coslow
Dr. and Mrs. G. William Cotts
Carol Wilson & G. William Cotts Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Craft
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Critchfield
Dr. and Mrs. Merwin R. Crow
Ms. Cushing
Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Dahlstrom
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Danielson, MD
Dr. Marie N. Deemer
Mr. Galo Degillo
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Doherty
Nancy Vann Dorsey
Mr. Thomas J. Doyle
Alex and Mikaela Drake
Rev. Lowell V. Drotts
Dr. and Mrs. Terry S. Dugan
Dr. Linda R. Duncan and Rev. Howard J. Duncan
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dvorak
East Coast Conference – Cromwell, Conn.
Rev. Kanyere F. Eaton
Mr. Wallace F. Ebner and Rev. Nancy L. Ebner
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Ecker
Rev. and Mrs. James R. Ecklund
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ecklund
Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Edgren
Stan and Rose Edin
Dr. Kathryn Edin-Nelson and Dr. Timothy J. Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Eklund
Ms. Susan L. Elde
Rev. and Mrs. George B. Elia
Rev. and Mrs. David A. Elowson
Rev. and Mrs. Donn N. Engebretson
Ms. Dottie Engen
Dr. Joy L. English
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Engstrom
Mr. Bertil E. Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. David V. Erickson
Dean and Donna Erickson
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Erickson
Mr. Roger E. Erickson and Ms. Kathleen R. Westover
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Erickson
Ms. Samantha N. Estep
Evangelical Covenant Church – East Northport, N.Y.
The Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ewald
Fellowship Covenant Church – Bronx, N.Y.
Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Ferullo
First Covenant Church – Seattle, Wash.
Capt. and Mrs. James R. Fisher
Mr. and Dr. Stephen Fogel
Alan and Sara Jo Forsman
Rhoda and Gil Friesen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Frisk
Mr. Gerald Fross
Mr. and Mrs. Roby Geevarghese
General Mills Foundation
Mrs. Audrey E. Gentry
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Giordano
Glen Ellyn Evangelical Covenant Church – Glen Ellyn, Ill.
Lois and Donna Glime
Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Gocht
Mrs. Marjorie L. Gores
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. B. Gosen
Mr. H. Marvin Gotberg
Grace Evangelical Covenant Church – Chicago, Ill.
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Greenlee
Rev. and Mrs. D. Darrell Griffin
Mrs. Frances J. Gunberg
Dr. Anita Olson Gustafson and Mr. Charles L. Gustafson
Mrs. Jean Gustafson
Mr. Wallace Gustafson and Mrs. Julia Gustafson †
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Hakanson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Hall
Mr. William J. Hamann
Mr. and Mrs. Dave J. Hanson
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Hausman
Mrs. Alyce M. Hawkinson †
Rev. and Mrs. Peter J. Hawkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Heintzelman
Ms. Cynthia J. Helwig
Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Helwig
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Higgins
John and Kathleen Hill
Dr. and Mrs. Peter D. Hoden
Ms. Ruth Hodlick
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. Hokanson
Mr. and Mrs. Rocky D. Holly
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Holmertz
Dr. Calla M. Holmgren
Dr. and Mrs. Liland Horten
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Howard
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hubbard
Mr. Craig T. Jenkins-Sutton and Ms. Sara N. Jenkins-Sutton
Ms. Alveda L. Johnson
Mrs. Charlotte R. Johnson †
Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis H. Johnson
Dan and Ruth Johnson
Ms. Emma A. Johnson
Dr. Fernly E. Johnson †
Ms. Gayle V. Bradley Johnson
Mrs. Grace E. Johnson †
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Johnson
Mrs. Karen R. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. L. Jerome Johnson
Mrs. Margaret E. Johnson
Dr. Marianne Johnson and Mr. William H. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Johnson
Dr. Mark S. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin E. Johnson
Mrs. N. Elaine Johnson
Rev. and Mrs. Paul A. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Randall H. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Johnson
Rodney and Corene Johnson
Ruth E. and Dr. Duane E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Johnson
Ms. Barbara M. Jones
Rev. Scott B. Jones and Mrs. Robin M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Kaat
Harvey and Doris Kallberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Kallberg
Mr. David M. Kallen-Youngberg
Mr. Benjamin Keith and Mrs. Shena McNamara Keith
Rev. Dr. and Mrs. David W. Kersten
Mr. Donald C. Knapp
Dr. Larry H. Knipp
Dr. Jane K. Koonce †
Dr. Stuart R. Kortebein
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis F. Landin
Mr. Thomas E. LaPaze II
Mr. Harry W. Larsen Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas K. Larson
Mr. Eugene P. Larson
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Rolf H. Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Karl R. Lasseter Jr.
Mr. Grzegorz Lesiak
Mr. and Mrs. Joel T. LeVahn
Libertyville Covenant Church – Libertyville, Ill.
Diane and Ted Lind
Dr. Elder M. Lindahl †
Mrs. Eleanor R. Lindahl
Dr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Lindahl
Eric and Denise Lindberg
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Lindberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lindberg
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Lindblade
Rev. Kari Lindholm-Johnson and Rev. Dr. Timothy L. Johnson
Rev. and Mrs. Richard M. Lindman
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Lopez
Lorraine Mulberger Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Love
Dr. and Mrs. Scott W. Love
Rev. and Mrs. Richard B. Lucco
Dr. George D. Lundberg and Dr. Patricia L. Lundberg
Mr. Jamey R. Lundblad
Mrs. Dorothy O. Lundbom †
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lundeen
Dr. and Mrs. Dean A. Lundgren
Mr. Kyle A. Magill
Mr. Pawel Malecki
Ms. Kaitlin J. McBane
Mrs. Patricia M. McCanna and Mr. Kevin W. McCanna
Mrs. Marcia A. McGregor
Rev. and Ms. Dennis K. McMillan
McMinnville Covenant Church – McMinnville, Ore.
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Mejia
Mrs. Mildred E. Metcalf
Ms. Karen J. Meyer
Microsoft Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Miller
Ministerium of the Central Conference – Northbrook, Ill.
Dr. Leona L. Mirza and Dr. David B. Mirza
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Mueller
Mr. and Ms. Michael Murphy
Naperville Evangelical Covenant Church – Naperville, Ill.
National Covenant Properties – Chicago, Ill.
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur A. R. Nelson
Ms. Betty J. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon K. Nelson
Dr. Jeffrey A. Nelson and Dr. Susan J. Anderson-Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie G. Nelson
Capt. and Mrs. Thomas J. Nelson, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Dale Nickelsen
David and Marilyn Noreen
Mr. Kenneth D. Noreen
Dr. Robert G. Noreen
Mrs. Ruth E. Noren †
Dr. Francis H. Norton
Ms. Mary Nowesnick
Mrs. Lois J. Nyberg
Oakdale Covenant Church – Chicago, Ill.
Mr. Kinzie S. Oas
Rev. and Mrs. James D. Oberg
Mrs. Vivadelle Y. Odell
Mr. John Oh
Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Olfelt
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron K. Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Olson
Mr. Donald R. Olson
Mrs. Helen M. Olson
OppenheimerFunds, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt J. Palmberg
Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Palmberg
Mr. Gerald C. Palmer II
Mary Benson Palmer
Mrs. Arlene E. Palmquist
Rev. and Mrs. Kent D. Palmquist
Mr. and Mrs. Brad C. Pape
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Pearson
Dr. and Mrs. Peter F. Pearson
Ms. Justine G. Penaflorida
Peninsula Covenant Church – Redwood City, Calif.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Pensack
Mr. and Mrs. Perry R. Pero
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Person
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Persson
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin E. Peterson
Rev. and Mrs. G. Verle Peterson
Mr. Glen W. Peterson
Kyle and Letitia Peterson
Mrs. Marionrae Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Peterson
Rev. Richard and Geri Bevan Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Peterson III
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Peterson
Rev. Vaughn E. Peterson
Dr. Wilma E. Peterson
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Phelan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley G. Pihl Sr.
The Presser Foundation
Dr. Sally A. Pryor
Ms. Kristine A. Pugh
Dr. Karl D. Radnitzer and Dr. Crystal Radnitzer
Ms. Marjorie A. Ramgren
Dr. Ann M. Ressetar
Mr. and Mrs. Pacifico Reyes
Mr. Michael Reynolds
Ridgewood Management, Inc.
Dr. Jonathan C. Rienstra-Kiracofe and Dr. Christine Rienstra-Kiracofe
Mrs. Helen Ringgenberg
Rivers of Living Water Christian Center – Chicago, Ill.
Rev. and Mrs. Donald T. Robinson
Mrs. Margene A. Rosenquist
Dr. Alan E. Roth and Rev. Carol E. Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Rounds
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Rutherford
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Sager
Mr. and Mrs. Xavier N. Sahyouni
The Samarkand Covenant Retirement Community – Santa Barbara, Calif.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Sarant
Mr. Clarence W. Schawk †
Schawk Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Schuller
Ms. Celia K. Serrano
Mrs. Jessica Shain
Ms. Hayley R. Sheaff
Ms. Paula Sheffield
Ms. Carol E. Skahn
Mr. Max E. Sluiter
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Snow
Ms. Sarah E. Snow
Miss Fern A. Soderholm †
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin R. Soderstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig T. Sohn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Spann
Dr. Ralph and Joyce Sturdy
Ms. Michele Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Sundholm
Roy and Lois Sundquist
Dr. Jack and Mary Surridge
Mr. and Mrs. C. Alan Svenson
Ms. Allene K. Swanson
Mrs. Anne M. Swanson
Mr. Eugene S. Swanson
Ms. Evelyn M. Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Karl D. Swanson
Dr. and Mrs. Lynwood W. Swanson
Rev. Tammy K. Swanson-Draheim and Mr. Kelly A. Draheim
Swedish Council of America
Rev. and Mrs. Baxter R. Swenson
Miss Virginnia M. Swenson
Ms. Jowita N. Szczypka
Dr. Karen E. Tamte and Mr. Peter J. Tamte
Mr. Michael N. Tamte and Mrs. Megan J. Tamte
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Tepke
Dr. and Mrs. Randall K. Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Thorpe
Dr. Lauren K. Thorpe and Dr. James Hosek
Dr. and Mrs. Roger G. Thorpe
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Thyreen
Tom and Pat Trautman
The Trustmark Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Clarke Tungseth
USG Foundation Inc.
Mr. Theodore J. Van Der Meid
Mr. Wayne Vander Pol
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Verdoorn
Ms. Jennifer L. Vierk
Fred and Ingrid Wahlquist
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wahlstedt
Mrs. Darlene J. Walles
Rev. and Mrs. Gary B. Walter
Mrs. Sharon Warman
Dr. and Mrs. John Weborg
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Weld
Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Wenstrand
Dr. William N. Werner and Rev. Ruthanne L. Werner
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Westerlund
Dr. Bruce A. Whisler
Virginia Soennichsen Whittier
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wiberg
Dr. and Mrs. Glen V. Wiberg
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Ann Wiesbrock
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Wiita
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk A. Willms
Mr. Norman E. Wilson
Dr. Richard R. Wilson and Dr. Louise M. Wilson
Mr. Robert Worthing †
Rev. and Mrs. Gregory J. Yee
Mr. Warren W. Young
Ms. Alexandra M. Zelinski
Dr. Joan E. Zetterlund
Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Ziemer

† indicates deceased