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June 15, 2018

Stories of CHIC: Joshua Crozier

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Joshua Crozier, Current North Park Student

My favorite part about CHIC was realizing just how big the Body of Christ is. Over 6,000 other teenagers and leaders from around the nation gathered together to worship God, grow in their faith, and make lifelong memories. If you’ve never been to CHIC, I suggest diving deep into the base camps, go hard on the fields, worship in ways you never have before, and soak up the messages of the speakers.

This week three years ago was incredibly formational to me; I still remember messages that were shared, the bands that played, and the friends I made at CHIC 2015. I also remember the screaming North Park student volunteers handing out t-shirts and telling us about the University. Because I grew up in the Covenant Church, CHIC was not the first time I had heard of North Park, but I remember learning more about the University from the excited volunteer students.

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