Educational Assessment


The Educational Assessment Committee provides leadership in developing a comprehensive assessment plan that provides opportunities for all University constituents to assess the effectiveness of the university in fulfilling its educational mission. The committee acts as an advisory and oversight committee for educational assessment (EA) of academic programs. It receives annual EA Outcomes Reports and reviews these for achievement of the stated program and University outcomes. The committee fosters assessment-based quality improvement activities of educational units.

All educational program proposals (majors and minors) must include an Educational Assessment Plan (EAP) as part of the approval process for offering the program. The program objectives and EAP must be submitted to the Educational Assessment Committee for review at least one committee meeting prior to moving to the North Park University faculty meeting for acceptance as a program.


At least four representatives from the University faculty constitute the majority of the committee; four representatives also serve from student development, athletics, University Ministries, and the student body. Members are appointed for three-year terms.

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