General Education


The General Education Program is the undergraduate curriculum that constitutes core requirements for common learning. The core of courses ensures student learning towards lives of significance and service. General Education (GE) facilitates acquisition of knowledge, skills, abilities, appreciations, and values that promote human excellence through a liberal education.

The General Education Committee is responsible for investigating effective program design and recommending to faculty and administration a strategy for strengthening North Park's GE program. The functions of the committee include:

  • Articulate a statement on and rationale for specific general education goals in liberal arts context.
  • Review, develop, and recommend policy and standards regarding common learning.
  • Establish and revise criteria for courses in the General Education Program.
  • Articulate skills, knowledge and competencies needed to meet educational objectives confluent with institutional mission, vision and core identities.
  • Coordinate the integration of Campus Theme programming with course content, across student's time at North Park University.  
  • Facilitate assessment and monitor student outcomes within the GE curriculum.
  • Consider strategies for improved writing across the curriculum.
  • Ensure the integration of Christian, urban, and multicultural content and competencies throughout the GE curriculum.


Members include the directors of General Education, the North Park Dialogue program, and the Writing Center; the Dean of Diversity and Intercultural Programs; five representatives from the faculty at large; and student government representatives.

Students studying together.