Nonprofit Management

Today’s nonprofit managers must balance myriad demands and responsibilities: they are fundraisers and financial officers, planners and problem-solvers, and human resource experts who lead boards, staff, and clients. The certificate in nonprofit management provides comprehensive preparation in the major functional areas of nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis on helping leaders maintain a central focus on their organization’s mission.

Upon completion of the certificate, you will understand how the components of your organization fit together, including boards, structure, mission, and staff. You’ll develop and broaden your knowledge of the fundraising, finance, and marketing functions within the nonprofit sector, with careful consideration of resource development, budgeting, ethics, and legal issues. You’ll also learn how to develop a strategic plan for your organization that will advance its mission.

Through a course schedule that can be completed 100% online, entirely face-to-face, or with a combination of the two course formats, the certificate in nonprofit management program is flexible enough to be completed in as little as 12 months, giving you a valuable credential to add to your resume as you advance your career. Options for scholarships and other financial aid help make your studies affordable—and all certificate courses can also be applied toward a degree, including a master of nonprofit administration.

A leader in nonprofit education, North Park University’s School of Business and Nonprofit Management offers small class sizes and respected professional faculty who are dedicated to helping you achieve your educational and professional goals. You’ll learn alongside peers who are also committed to the nonprofit sector as you gain experience in effective nonprofit management and leadership.


These five classes are required for the certificate in nonprofit management. Click on a course title to read its description.

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SBNM 5350 – Nonprofit Financial Management
This course provides both basic and advanced financial planning and management skills necessary in today's nonprofit organization. Successful financial planning and business development strategies will be combined to create a financial plan which achieves the goals of the organization. Included are basic principles of managerial accounting. Fund accounting, budgeting, cash flow analysis, expenditure control, long-range financial planning, audits, and grants and contracts are studied, as applied to nonprofit organizations.

SBNM 5680 – Nonprofit Marketing Analysis and Consumer Behavior
This course focuses on developing a working knowledge of marketing as it applies to nonprofit organizations. Emphasis will be placed on developing a customer orientation, marketing planning and organization, and developing and organizing resources.

SBNM 5710 – Nonprofit Management: Theory and Application
A foundation course examining the origins and societal role of private nonprofit organizations including their social, political, economic, cultural, and ideological importance in American society and compared against the global non-governmental sector and organizations. Major types of nonprofit organizations are studied, as well as distinguishing organizational characteristics of third-sector institutions as contrasted with business and government organizations. Current trends in the nonprofit sector and projections for the future are analyzed.

SBNM 5770 – Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
This course covers the fundamentals of effective resource development as they pertain to nonprofit organizations. Principles and best practices of fundraising are studied, including the fundraising process (i.e., organizational readiness, case development, donor pyramid, strategic planning, management and research). The principles that undergird effective fundraising practices will also be reviewed, including the historical, organizational, legal, ethical, and theoretical contexts of fundraising.

SBNM 5780 – Measuring Outcomes and Assessment
This course examines the assessment of effectiveness against service delivery objectives. The course uses the logic model and other theoretical models to better understand the outcomes and assessment process. Case studies will highlight evaluation issues for improved organizational performance. Prerequisite: Any SBNM course. This may not be the first course in the SBNM academic program.

Gainful Employment Information

North Park University is required to provide detailed information about the gainful employment of our students who enroll in School of Business and Nonprofit Management certificate programs. These disclosures will assist students in making informed enrollment decisions with regards to the possible employment opportunities that accompany each of the certificate programs.

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Certified Nonprofit Professional
Certified Nonprofit Professional LogoBy completing your Certificate in Nonprofit Management, you complete one of the primary requirements to earn the CNP credential. Contact Jacqueline Babb for more details.