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Our Neighborhoods: Albany Park and North Park

Located on Foster Avenue in Chicago’s North Side Albany Park and North Park neighborhoods, the University takes full advantage of the opportunities our city environment affords.


Chicagoans live in 77 community areas, which include more than 200 neighborhoods, all with distinct cultural, ethnic, or religious expression and history. North Park University sits on the line between the Albany Park and North Park community areas. Albany Park includes the neighborhoods of Albany Park, Mayfair, and North Mayfair, as well as Chicago’s unofficial “Koreatown.” The North Park community area and neighborhood (the north side of our campus) is home to many professors, Seminary students, alumni, and friends of the University.

Our zip code—60625—is one of the most ethnically diverse in the nation. More than 40 languages are spoken in the neighborhood’s schools, with the area having one of the highest percentages of foreign-born residents among Chicago neighborhoods. Our neighbors (and our students, faculty, and staff) come from throughout Latin America, the Middle East, the Philippines, India, Korea, Cambodia, Somalia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Pakistan, and beyond.

Albany Park is an important part of life at North Park. We strive to be good neighbors, inviting others in the surrounding community to campus for events, to use our gathering spaces, and seeking partnerships with other schools and organizations. You’ll learn a lot from these individuals, whether through a class trip to Chicago’s World Relief office, participating in an internship at a local nonprofit, worshiping with a neighborhood congregation, or visiting area businesses and restaurants to do your shopping and explore new cultures.

On the food front, there are more options than you can imagine, and you may well discover something we don’t yet know about. Within walking distance of campus, you can choose from Mexican, Swedish, Filipino, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese restaurants—not to mention burgers, pizza, and sandwiches.

The world is at our campus doorstep and we hope you’ll love our neighborhood as much as we do.