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Ventra U-Pass

North Park University is city-centered. With Catalyst 606_ _ you’ll explore the city every week. U-Pass will help you get there. Getting outside the classroom, exploring the city, and applying knowledge in the city is part of the North Park curriculum.

In an individual semester, the CTA U-Pass is your ticket to unlimited riding aboard CTA buses and trains for the cardholder.

It offers all full-time traditional undergraduate students unlimited use and an unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of everything Chicago offers. It’s your connection to shopping, sports events, social activities, art and entertainment centers, and anything else that grabs your attention.

U-PASS Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

  • Eligible students (see below for eligibility requirements) can opt-in per semester to the U-Pass program.
  • During school semesters: unlimited riding aboard CTA buses and trains.
  • Between school semesters: works as a regular, declining balance transit card.
  • PACE bus routes: U-Pass works as a regular declining-balance transit card year round.

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  • To be eligible, you must be:
    • Full-time (12 credits or more)
    • Undergraduate
    • Traditional (undergraduate students not enrolled in the School of Professional Studies)
  • The fee for the U-Pass program is $150 per semester. The cost of a replacement U-Pass card is 50.00. Please keep your same card each year.
  • If your enrollment changes during the first 45 days of the semester, your U-Pass will be adjusted accordingly.
    • It can take 3-10 business days for changes in eligibility to be reflected in the Ventra U-Pass system.
    • Students who do not meet the minimum credit hour requirement are not eligible to enroll in the program.
    • Students in programs other than the traditional undergraduate program are not eligible to enroll in the program.

Getting Your U-Pass

  • Emails will be sent to qualifying students to opt-in for the U-Pass at the start of the fall and spring term.
    • Once returning student’s U-Passes have been activated, they will receive a confirmation email.
    • Once new student U-Passes have been delivered, they will receive an email with instructions for pick up.
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged U-Passes are replaced at North Park University.
    • Students can purchase a replacement card.
    • There is a $50.00 replacement fee payable to North Park University at the time the request is made.
    • A card takes approximately 7 business days to arrive and then will be available for pick up.
    • Only one replacement pass will be provided per academic school year.
    • If you have any questions, please email

Using U-Pass

  • Activate your card.
  • Register your card.
    • Registration allows you to monitor your account and usage. Registration does not require that you link your card to a credit or debit card and does not automatically activate your U-Pass (which must be completed over the phone). Registering your U-Pass is not required but can be a very helpful tool.
  • Take your card out of your wallet and tap it to the Ventra logo at the turn style to enter a CTA bus or train station.
  • To avoid charges to other contactless cards you may have, remove your card out of your wallet.
  • Pay close attention to the tap display when using your U-Pass. This will help you to determine if your tap was a U-Pass transaction or if you have been charged the regular fare for your ride.
  • Students are responsible for monitoring their own account information and status. If changes have been made to your enrollment, please allow 3 to 10 business days for those changes to affect your U-Pass.