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Actuarial Science Certificate

Actuarial science is a branch of mathematics and statistics that focuses on risk and managing risk. Consistently ranked among the top four jobs in the Jobs Rated Almanac, actuarial careers are some of the most sought-after and high-paying positions in the market today. The actuarial science certificate is designed for math and business and economics majors preparing for careers in actuarial science, statistics, business, or economics. Actuaries work within the insurance, banking, accounting, technology, and education industries.

Why Choose North Park?

Through North Park’s interdisciplinary academic approach, you’ll gain important life skills like the ability to communicate, collaborate, and analyze and solve problems—mathematical or otherwise—that will help you succeed in a career as an actuary.

Working as an actuary requires passing at least the first professional actuarial exam, covering probability and basic statistics. With relevant classes and professors who will get to know you personally in small classes, the actuarial science certificate will prepare you for the exam and help get you connected to actuarial firms. Once hired, you will be able to take the remaining exams within five years.

Certificate Requirements

Academic Catalog

The certificate requires a total of 24 credits; some requirements may be fulfilled by transfer credits. Students must also complete the requirements for a full major in order to graduate from North Park and receive this certificate. The classes listed below are required of all students, and are best taken in the order listed, due to noted prerequisites:

  • STAT 1490 – Introductory Statistics (4 sh) Prerequisite: MATH 1005 or MATH 1010
  • MATH 1510 – Calculus I (4 sh) Prerequisite: MATH 1150 or Math placement test
  • MATH 1520 – Calculus II (4 sh) Prerequisite: MATH 1510
  • MATH 3050 – Vector Calculus (4 sh) Prerequisite: 1520
  • MATH 3150 – Statistical Theory (4 sh) [Prerequisite: MATH 1520 and STAT 1490
  • MATH 4970 – Internship (4 sh) Prerequisite: MATH 3050 and MATH 3150

Get course descriptions for these classes on the mathematics major page.

Actuarial Exams

The first exam on probability is a three-hour multiple-choice test covering calculus-based probability and statistics. The exam is administered by the Society of Actuaries or the Casualty Actuarial Society, and is offered five times per year via computer-based testing. Students can take this exam after completing MATH 3050 and MATH 3150.

Note: Passing actuarial exams is essential for actuarial career, as most employers prefer to hire candidates who have passed at least the first two exams.

Meet the Faculty

Alan Iliff

For more than three decades, Dr. Alan Iliff has enjoyed teaching mathematics and computer science in small classes that put him in direct contact with students.

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