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Financial Aid and Tuition


General User Proxy Information

A student (and only a student) at North Park University can designate an individual as his/her proxy, which will give this individual limited electronic access to some of the information contained in the student’s educational record. A proxy will be able to do such things as view a student’s statement of accounts and/or make a payment on his/her behalf.

This designation does not take the place of the protections afforded to the student under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Release of a student’s educational record is still not allowed without the student’s written consent, including to parents, family members, and designated proxies. Therefore, North Park University will be unable to answer any questions about the information made available to a proxy without said written consent. The student can obtain a FERPA Release Form online, and return it to Records to provide outside parties additional access to his/her education records.

Check out this quick video to see how easy it is to set up proxy access.

The designation of a proxy is done via the User Profile icon in Self-Service.

Click on the arrow next to your name, and then click on View/Add Person Proxy.

Proxy Instructions

Click on the drop down arrow to select a proxy, and click on the name of the person that is to be granted proxy access to your record. Only those individuals that are associated with your record as your spouse/parent(s)/stepparent(s) WITH a preferred email address will be your proxy options.  If someone that you would like to have proxy access to your record is not listed, please contact Student Administrative Services, 773-244-5560.
Proxy Instructions

Please confirm that the email address associated with your proxy is correct as that is where his/her username/password will be sent. If it is incorrect, please contact Student Administrative Services, 773-244-5560 BEFORE you designate your proxy.  It is difficult to reset passwords for proxy accounts, so double checking this information will ensure that we’re able to send the login/password information successfully.

Proxy Instructions

You have the option to choose what information your proxy can access. If you want your proxy to see all of your information, click the “Allow complete access” button.

Proxy Instructions

If you only want your proxy to be able to make a payment on your student account, just check that box.

Proxy Instructions

Once you have read the Disclosure Agreement, click the authorization box and then the save button.

Proxy Instructions

When you successfully designate someone as your proxy, you will see this screen:

Proxy Instructions

Your proxy will get an email with his login information.  You, the student, will receive a copy as well.

Dear Ms. Cindy Mitchell,

You have been granted proxy access to Ms. Lindsay R. Mitchell’s account at North Park University. Depending on what options your student selected, you can view the student’s account, pay bills, and view Financial Aid information, among other things.

Please note that this proxy access does not waive a student’s right to privacy as outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Without a signed FERPA form on file, you will not be able to talk to anyone at the University about what you see online.

For a complete list of instructions and FAQ’s regarding Proxy Access, visit You can visit Self-Service to log into the account with your North Park username and password.  After logging in, you will have the option of accessing your own or your student’s account.  In order to view the student information, make sure to select his/her name.
Your new North Park username is: PX_______.
Your temporary password will follow in a separate email.

When your proxy logs into Self-Service, he will see a green bar across the top of the screen, reminding him that he’s logged in on behalf of someone else.



Proxy Instructions

He will only be able to view/act on the information which he has been granted access.

Log into Self-Service using your North Park Username. If you don’t have a North Park Username, you will be (or have already been) sent one via email.  It is PX followed by a seven digit number. You will also be (or have been) sent a temporary password that you will be required to change upon login.

Once you log in, you will receive the option to view either your information or the student’s. Make sure to select the student’s information.

Proxy Instructions

Upon selecting the student, you will be able to see what access your student has granted for you.

If you are a proxy and also a North Park student/faculty/staff you may switch back to your self-service account, by selecting “Change User” on the green bar at the top of your proxy session.

Proxy Instructions

If the username sent to you (and your student) begins with PX… you can use WebAdvisor to change your password.

You will then be taken here.  “Click on the link ‘My username begins with PX’. Reset my password”.

What's my password

From there, you will be taken to the “Reset my password” page.  Enter in your Last Name and your ID number.  Your ID number is the 7-digit number that follows the PX in your username.  If your username DOES NOT begin with PX, go to the IT Account Management page.

Reset My Password

Select the email address that you would like to have this sent.  If a correct email address is not on file, please contact Student Administrative Services at 773-244-5560 to have an address corrected, or add a new email address.

Select an e-mail address

You will receive a “Reset Password Confirmation” page.

Reset Password Confirmation

You will receive an email from with your temporary password.  The email will read:

Here is your temporary password for your North Park University proxy account.  This password will expire immediately upon login. You will get a “Login failed” message, and it will require you to set up a new password.  The password needs to be between 6 and 9 characters.  If you have any questions, please contact Student Administrative Services at 773-244-5560.

You can then log in to Self-Service to reset your password or set up a password for the first time.

Sign In

You will receive a “Login failed” message indicating that you need to change your password.

Change Password

After resetting your password, you will need to sign into Self-Service with your new password.

Q. The person that I want to designate as my proxy is not in the list of available proxy options. What should I do?

A. Only spouses/parents/step-parents with valid email addresses that are associated with your student record will be listed as proxy options.  Please call Student Administrative Services, 773-244-5560, to update your information.

Q. The email address that is associated with my proxy is incorrect. How can I correct this information?

A. Please call Student Administrative Services, 773-244-5560, to provide an updated email address for your proxy. Without a valid email address, your proxy will not receive the appropriate login/password information to set-up his/her proxy access.

Q. My proxy never got the login/password email to access my record. What should I do?

  1. First, please confirm that your proxy’s email address is correct on Self-Service. If not, then you’ll need to contact Student Administrative Services, 773-244-5560, to update their contact information. A copy of your proxy’s username was sent to your (the student’s) North Park email address. Your proxy can use that username in order to reset their password. Follow these Instructions to reset a password as shown above.
    If the email address on file is correct, have your proxy check their spam folder. If the proxy is still unable to find the login/password information, we would recommend that they go through the password change process documented above.  If they STILL never get the login/password email, please contact Student Administrative Services at 773-244-5560 or for further assistance.

Q. My mom is already my proxy. Now my brother is a student here. Can she automatically access my brother’s information too?

A. Your brother needs to access his own User Profile in Self-Service, and designate your mom as his proxy. Once proxy access has been granted, your mom can use the same username and password to access his information too.

Q. My proxy forgot their password. What should they do?

A. If your proxy’s username is “PX” followed by a 7-digit number, they can change their password using WebAdvisor. Follow these steps to change a proxy password in WebAdvisor. If your proxy’s username contains a portion of their name, they can change their password on the IT Account Management page. A proxy will only have a portion of their name in their username if they have some other relationship with North Park (i.e. a current or recent student or employee).

Q. My proxy called North Park to get some clarification about my bill, but wasn’t able to get any assistance. Why?

A. If you have not completed a FERPA Release Form, giving the University written consent to release information to any/all outside parties listed on the form, then no one else can get information about your record, even someone that can access your information electronically as your proxy. Download the FERPA Release Form online, and return it to Student Administrative Services, Records. As long as your proxy is listed on your FERPA Release Form, we’ll be able to assist him with your record.

Q. My dad is listed on my FERPA Release Form, but he can’t access my financial aid information online. Why?

A. Granting proxy access is separate from submitting the FERPA Release Form. You’ll need to log into Self-Service and designate your dad as your proxy. He will receive a username/password via email, and then he’ll be able to log into Self-Service and view your educational record.