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Financial Aid and Tuition

Payment Options

North Park University bills students on a per-semester basis. Bills for the fall semester are issued starting in July, and bills for the spring term start in mid-December. Charges for tuition, housing and food, lab and other course fees, health insurance (if applicable), and any other charges that you have incurred will be on your bill, along with any financial aid that you are receiving and payments previously made on your account.

All domestic traditional undergraduate students will automatically be enrolled in a payment plan. Rather than one due date at the start of the term for your entire balance, your balance due will be divided equally into monthly payments for a small fee of $30/semester. Students who are registered on July 1 will have plans that start July 15 and will run through December 15, giving you six months to pay off your fall charges. However, those students that register later will have shorter plans and higher monthly payments because there is less time to pay. If the balance is paid in full by August 15, we will reverse the $30 plan fee.

If you are not a traditional undergraduate student you can still enroll in a payment plan. Please fill out this payment plan agreement form and email it to studentaccounts@northpark.edu. Your student account specialist will be in touch with you shortly after to confirm your payment plan agreement.

All other students are subject to the following due dates:

Fall:  August 15
Spring:  January 15
Summer:  May 15

If you are initially registered and billed after the tuition due date, then your balance is due upon receipt.

Check out this quick video about how to make a payment online.

Payment can be made online through Self Service, by phone at (773) 244-5560, or in person a in Student Engagment.

Payment methods:

By Check

Checks should be made out to North Park University and submitted to Student Accounts, located in Student Engagement in the Johnson Center The service desk is staffed Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Payment checks, clearly marked with your student ID number, can also be mailed to:

North Park University
Student Accounts, Box 9
3225 W. Foster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625

By Credit Card

Credit card payments can be made by phone at (773) 244-5560 or online through Self-Service. The University accepts MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and Discover.

Credit card payments will be processed through Official Payments, a leader in electronic payment processing, and will be assessed a 2.5 percent service fee, paid directly to Official Payments to cover the associated costs of credit card processing.

By E-Check

Using Self-Service, you may make payments on your student account balance by electronic check (“e-check”). You will need the routing number, account number, and check number to make this form of payment. You must also provide the name and address as it appears on the check, along with a valid email address.

No fee is charged for set-up or payment by the electronic check process. E-check payments can also be made by phone with Student Accounts – (773) 244-5560.

Upon review of the tuition bill, you may wonder about ways to approach payment of the balance.  We would like to provide some examples of payment options so that you can determine what would work best for you and your family.


Paying the balance in monthly installments via a 6-month payment plan.  In order for a plan to span 6 months, the 1st payment is due in July (for the Fall semester) and in January (for the Spring semester).

Tuition-College: 16,190.00
Technology Fee & UPass Fee: 275.00
Housing (shared) & Food (15 meals per week): 5,063
Less Financial Aid: (14,668.00)
Balance Due: 6,860.00
Payment Plan Enrollment Fee: 30.00
1st Monthly Payment: (1148.00)
2nd Monthly Payment: (1148.00)
3rd Monthly Payment: (1148.00)
4th Monthly Payment: (1148.00)
5th Monthly Payment: (1148.00) (1148.00)
6th Monthly Payment:  (1148.00)
Ending Balance: 0.00

North Park offers a monthly payment plan, available to students in all our academic programs, that will allow you to pay your bill via monthly payments throughout the semester.  A Student Services Specialist will work with you to ensure that your payment plan is accurate throughout the term. There is a $30/semester fee to enroll in our plan, and it is interest free throughout the semester. Your first payment can be made as early as July 15 for the fall semester.

The terms of the North Park Payment Plan are as follows:

  • Payments are due on the 15th of the month.
  • The balance of the plan must be paid in full prior to the end of the term.
  • An additional fee of $25 and a business office hold will be assessed on payments not made according to the agreement, such as late payments, underpayments, etc.
  • The payment plan will be cancelled if two consecutive payments are not made.
  • I will remain on a payment plan for the remainder of this academic year.
  • If a student wishes to pay in full before the 8/15 deadline, they must still pay July’s tuition.
  • North Park University has the right to adjust the payment plan should there be changes to my student account due to changes with my registration, financial aid eligibility, etc. The University will regularly review my account to ensure the accuracy of my payment plan.
  • Waiting on any financial aid decisions or appeals does not excuse the student from keeping current on their payment plan.
  • The institution shall have the right to withhold academic records, including transcripts, certifications and diplomas, and may refuse to accept registration for future terms until this account is paid in full.
  • In the event of default, the institution shall have the right to employ a collection agency and/or any other legal means to collect the debt. I acknowledge that I will be responsible for any collection fees, including court costs, incurred by the University in the collection of this account.

All domestic traditional undergraduate students will automatically be enrolled in a payment plan.  Graduate and adult students wishing to use this payment option need to complete the Payment Plan Agreement Form to enroll in this convenient plan.


Paying the balance with the combination of a Parent PLUS Loan (or Private Loan) and a payment plan.

Tuition-College: 16,190.00
Technology Fee & UPass Fee 275.00
Less Financial Aid (12,093.00)
Balance Due: 4,372.00
Parent PLUS Loan: (2,000.00)
Payment Plan Enrollment Fee: 30.00
1st Monthly Payment: (400.00)
2nd Monthly Payment: (400.00)
3rd Monthly Payment: (400.00)
4th Monthly Payment: (400.00)
5th Monthly Payment (400.00)
6th Monthly Payment (400.00)
Balance Due: 0.00

Additional Payment Options

North Park University does not offer Employer Reimbursement as a student account payment option. Your tuition due date will not be deferred if you have these benefits.  You will work with your employer directly to be reimbursed for payments already made to North Park by the stated due date.  If you need to submit documentation to your employer regarding your course schedule, grades, charges, etc., Student Accounts can provide this information upon your request. Contact (773) 244-5560 or studentaccounts@northpark.edu.

If you are working on campus, money you earn can be directly applied to your tuition bill as you earn it. In order to choose this option and have some or all of your University paycheck automatically credited to your student account, complete the Payroll Deduction Agreement Form and return it to Student Accounts. This may be a good option for undergraduate students who are awarded work-study as part of their financial aid package. Remember that if you will not be earning enough to cover your entire balance through Payroll Deduction, you will need to make other arrangements to pay the rest of your charges.