Lighthouse Cohort Program and Scholarship

The Lighthouse Cohort

North Park University created the Lighthouse Cohort Program to offer academic and financial support for urban, first-generation college students who have demonstrated academic success.

Each year, a group of first-year students are invited to join a new cohort. Beginning with your early arrival on campus for the fall semester, Lighthouse Scholars take part in academic, social, service, and career-planning events alongside peer mentors, faculty, and staff. These programs are designed with one thing in mind: student success. By studying, serving, and learning together, you’ll be part of a close-knit community and support one another through the first transitional year between high school and college—and then on until graduation.

Commitment and Community

The Lighthouse Cohort Program is a four-year commitment: Scholars meet regularly and participate in workshops, seminars, and other events to help you maximize the resources the University offers to help you succeed. When you’re a junior and senior, you’ll have the opportunity to return the support you received and serve as a peer mentor for other new Lighthouse students.


Along with academic and social support, Lighthouse Scholars are awarded partial tuition scholarships, renewable throughout your undergraduate studies at North Park if program qualifications are met. Scholarship amounts vary and are awarded based on need, academic record, an interview day, and other application materials.

How to Apply

If you are interested in being a Lighthouse Scholar at North Park, here are the details you need:

  1. Apply and be accepted to North Park University as a first-year student by February 2, 2024.
  2. Review the Lighthouse Scholar requirements and expectations below.
  3. By February 2, 2024, fill out and submit the Lighthouse Program Application online, including a 300- to 400-word essay (see the application for details).
  4. If your program application is accepted you’ll be invited to, and must attend, the Lighthouse Interview Day, scheduled for Friday, March 1, 2024. Attending and participating in the interview day does not guarantee you will be accepted into the cohort and awarded a scholarship. Participation and scholarships decisions will be made following the interview day, and you’ll be notified by the Admissions Office if you are offered a place in the cohort.

If you are offered a place in a Lighthouse Cohort, you must accept your spot and reserve it by making your tuition deposit by May 1. If you do not, your place in the cohort may be offered to another student.

For more information about Lighthouse at North Park, contact admissions at

The Lighthouse application is now closed.

Scholar Requirements and Expectations

Students selected for the Lighthouse Cohort will meet on a regular basis with their cohort and have access to an array of support services coordinated by the Division of Student Engagement. Scholars may be required to live on-campus in one of our residence halls during their first year.

By applying for a place in the program, and accepting a place if offered, you verify you understand and agree to the following program requirements and expectations:

Lighthouse scholars are required to participate  in Threshold prior to the beginning of their first fall semester at North Park. Throughout the academic year, scholars will meet twice each month with the cohort and program staff (one monthly cohort meeting and a monthly one-on-one meeting with the program coordinator). Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in academic and social programs offered by the Division of Student Engagement. Scholars must also serve for a minimum of one year (typically junior and/or senior years) as a student leader in a University-sponsored organization or club. Finally, scholars must serve for a minimum of one year (junior and/or senior years) as a Lighthouse Peer Mentor for new Lighthouse Scholars.

Lighthouse scholars must maintain sufficient academic progress toward earning a degree, including maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. This is required for ongoing participation in the program and for annual renewal of awarded scholarships. Scholars must also abide by the North Park University Student Handbook and Student Standards of Conduct. If a Lighthouse Scholar is dismissed from the University, they will forfeit their scholarship award and the scholarship contract will be immediately terminated.

Lighthouse Scholars