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Undergraduate Admissions

Committed to Affordability

At North Park University, our commitment to keeping college affordable is part of who we are.

We provide a powerful college experience in Chicago, characterized by access to world-class scholars, deep discussions of life’s biggest questions, and intercultural education.

If you choose to make an investment in yourself at North Park, you’ll get an outstanding academic and community experience at the best price we can offer.

Our tuition and fees are approximately $9,500 less than the national average for private, four-year colleges and universities. What other schools may appear to offer in financial aid, we provide in reduced tuition—you receive the immediate benefit of a more affordable cost overall, not just a discount.

The Details You’re Looking For

Our online Net Price Calculator will give you an estimate of your annual costs, as well as scholarships and grants you may qualify for.

Use this calculator before you apply, or during the application process before you receive your official financial aid.

Financial Aid that Matches Your Needs

More than 95% of our students receive some form of financial assistance. 92% receive assistance they do not need to pay back.

Scholarships and Grants

You may be awarded grants (need-based awards) that are funded by the federal government, the state, North Park University, or the Evangelical Covenant Church.

North Park does not have a separate financial aid application; your admission application and FAFSA provide all the information we need.

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North Park University’s FAFSA code is 001735. Please use when when you fill out your FAFSA and have your report sent directly to us.

Loans and Payment Plans

Many families choose to take out loans—student and/or parent—to help fund a college education.

A range of financial tools and resources, including the University’s payment plan, can help you and your family manage yearly costs. Our financial aid staff will work with you to make sure you know all your options so you can make the best choice for your future.

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Within Your Reach

Explore our undergraduate financial aid information for more details and answers to frequently asked questions.

Most of our campus visit options and events include opportunities to discuss these options.