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Undergraduate Admissions

Credit by Examination

North Park University provides students the opportunity to meet prerequisites and fulfill requirements through Credit by Examination. Individual academic departments determine if this is an option for students in their courses. Before proceeding with any exam, you should talk to the department and/or professor for the subject you wish to test in to confirm that Credit by Examination is an option.

Credit by Examination is awarded according to the guidelines below.

Student Responsibilities

  • Obtain an Examination Grade Report form by contacting Student Engagement; there is a $42.00 fee for this form.
  • Schedule an appointment with the department and/or professor to administer the desired test. If North Park University cannot offer Credit by Examination for the subject you wish to be tested in, you may be required to seek testing at another institution. In this case, you may be required to pay addition testing fees to the other institution.
  • Bring your Examination Grade Report to the scheduled examination appointment. The test administrator must complete this form and indicate the level of your performance.
  • Return the completed Examination Grade Report to Student Engagement for the credit hours or exemption to be recorded on the your transcripts.
  • You will be assessed a posting fee to have the credit posted to your transcript.
  • You may earn no more than 8 semester hours of credit in any given department through Credit by Examination.
  • You may not test for lower level/ability courses after you have started an advanced course in a subject.
  • You will qualify to receive credit by receiving a grade of B or better on any examination you complete; a ‘P’ for passing will be recorded on your permanent record.

What is the difference between an exemption and receiving credit hours?

An exemption is when you fulfill a course/subject requirement but no credit is awarded.

To receive credit hours, you must pay a posting fee per credit hour to have the credit appear on the transcript. There are additional guidelines to receive modern language credit by examination.

Where do I begin?

Start by visiting Student Engagement on the first floor of the Johnson Center.

Guidelines and policies are subject to change without notification.