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Undergraduate Admissions

Parents and Families

Threshold isn’t just for our incoming students—a student’s transition to college is a transition for the whole family. We know it’s full of excitement, anticipation, and lots of questions. North Park is excited to welcome the parents and families of our incoming students to campus. In fact, we’re honored to join you for this leg of your family’s journey.

Even after you leave your student on campus, the Student Engagement staff is here to serve you, the parents and families of our students, in a variety of ways. We hope you find information and resources below helpful and we encourage you to stay in touch.

Parent Orientation

This is an exciting time. Launching a student into college life is a huge step towards independence and adulthood.  This is never easy, even in a typical year. We will need to work together even more to ensure your student’s successful transition to North Park University. The University is working diligently and carefully to plan for a safe and healthy community—both in and out of the classroom—for our students, faculty, and staff.

One of the exciting things about North Park is that we have students from across the country and globe. With this diversity also comes varying COVID-19 guidelines which may be different than those set forth by the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago, as well as varying personal views on this pandemic. We ask that everyone be understanding and respectful of each other by following the University’s health and safety protocols, which are intended to protect everyone’s health. This means that while on campus each of us will need to step up and share the responsibility for protecting our own health and the health of others.

Step 1: Check-in process

Your student will participate in the welcome experience on campus, by participating in Threshold, North Park Orientation program, August 25–27, 2023.

Prior to arriving on campus, your student will receive several emails and reminders indicating the items that they need to complete prior to arriving on campus. Your student can get a jump on things by reviewing the items on the Next Steps page.

Step 2: Stay connected

It is important that you feel connected to campus and part of the North Park family. Your role in the life of your student will continue to be essential. You have supported and encouraged them up until this point and we want this to continue.

Ways to stay connected:

Disability Resources and Support Services

North Park is happy to provide accommodations and services, as well as academic support, to students with disabilities. We believe that our community is a great place for all students to succeed. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this information and help your student ask for whatever help he or she might need.

Helping Your Student Stay Healthy

Moving to a new place, meeting new people, sitting in new classrooms—all of these activities have a way of increasing stress and students’ propensity to catch a cold. North Park University offers both a Health Services Center and Counseling Support Services to assist your student in making healthy choices for their mind and body.

Safe Community

As a Christian institution of higher education, North Park is committed to providing a campus environment characterized by mutual respect among students, faculty, and staff. The University does not tolerate any form of sexual violence or other offence, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or misconduct. Learn more about our policies and resources for keeping our campus and students safe.