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Our Students: Clubs and Activities

North Park students come from all over the country and from around the world. Campus life is a great mix of classroom learning, opportunities to serve others, and plenty of time to develop deep friendships and learn from your fellow students.

Student organizations, from academic honor societies to special interest clubs to intramural sports, are an important part of living and learning here. Through these activities you’ll discover new interests, connect with people from many communities, and help others learn about the things you think are important. Some groups are pretty casual and others ask for a deeper commitment. While the list below is long, it’s not necessarily comprehensive—and there are still opportunities for you to start a new club or activity.

Academic Clubs

Almost all of North Park’s majors offer an academic club or chapter of a national honor society specific to that subject area. These groups help you extend your classroom learning and love of your subject to co-curricular activities, like community service, field trips, special research projects, and guest lectures.

Majors and Programs

Student Clubs


Along with access to state-of-the-art training facilities, our athletes have the support and guidance of dedicated coaches, trainers, and professors.

“I played soccer in high school and wanted to play in college. I fell in love with the community when I walked on campus. The people are super nice, and I love the Christian foundation. Playing on the soccer team is like being part of a family and helps me broaden my community.” – Ric (Frederick) Anderson C’17


Recreation Center

Campus Activities Board

CAB gives you the opportunities to explore the city and make new friends. Explore Chicago by  Attending theater performances, checking out a Cubs or White Sox game, exploring great museums, and taking advantage of the city’s many seasonal festivals and special events. These events happen throughout the year—and all at a significantly discounted price (and often free).

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Office of Diversity Student Organizations

“The Office of Diversity is a huge part of my campus life. I have met most of my friends there, and it is a home to me. Through working for this office, I became involved with LASO and am now a board member. The office is a safe space and a great place to connect with other minority students.” – Emily Cardona Nodarse, C’18

The Office of Diversity aims to create a campus community that helps students of all backgrounds to feel welcome and included. You will find numerous organizations and associations led by students who create safe spaces and places to engage with other minority students.

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Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is a group of officers and representatives—elected by the whole student body—who serve each year as the official voice of students to the University’s board, administration, faculty, staff, and external constituents. You can get involved with SGA in a number of ways: serve as a class senator, work for the student magazines, join a club, or volunteer for service opportunities. And you’re always welcome to bring them new ideas; remember, SGA is here to represent you.

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University Ministries

University Ministries is about transforming students to impact the world for God. University Ministries engages students through College Life and Chapel as well as a multitude of other service opportunities such as Global Partnerships trips.

“This school has helped me grow in my faith…here it’s so easy to just go to Chapel, or College Life, or receive support from peers and pastors on campus.” – Anthony Johnson, C’17

 University Ministries