Office of the Registrar

How to Apply for Graduation for Graduate Students

Here are the steps you need to take to complete your graduate degree from North Park University.

1. Graduation Application

We recommend you apply for graduation two semesters before your anticipated graduation date to allow enough time for the graduation process and for you to complete any outstanding graduation requirements. The final deadline for submitting your graduation application is the fourth week of the semester in which you anticipate graduating.

Your Graduation Application must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the records evaluator in Student Administrative Services, along with any course transfer, waiver, and substitution documentation if applicable.

2. Degree Audit

The My Progress screen in Student Planning has provided you with information your program requires throughout your entire tenure at North Park. You also have the option to meet with your academic advisor before your final two semesters of coursework to ensure that you will meet all graduation requirements before your anticipated graduation date.

Official degree audits are completed by the Records Evaluator in Student Services. The audit is sent via email to you and your academic advisor. You cannot graduate until you receive your audit results and take the steps necessary to complete any outstanding requirements, including paying your bill in full. (Remember to check your North Park email account regularly, since most official correspondence is conducted by email.)

3. Participate in Commencement Rehearsal and the Ceremony

Participation in the Commencement ceremony is expected of all students. If you are unable to attend, you must contact the records evaluator in Student Administrative Services and inform (via email) the dean of your college/school.

An event rehearsal will be held on the Wednesday prior to the commencement ceremony. Please watch for campus announcements and official communication with the relevant dates, times, and details. All emails will be sent to your North Park email address.

Important Reminders

All students are assessed a $150 graduation application fee when they turn in their graduation application. The graduation fee applies to every student, regardless of participation in the commencement ceremony. If your graduation plans change, you must contact the records evaluator in Student Administrative Services.

You can only graduate in the semester in which all administrative issues have been submitted and resolved (pending and incomplete grades, exams, practicum results, etc.).