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Student Health and Wellness


Disruptive Behaviors

  • Overt actions, omissions to act, or verbal or written statements that would not be consistent with the actions or statements of a reasonable, prudent person under similar circumstances.
  • Include, but are not limited to, behaviors resulting from possible physical, drug-related, or psychiatric disorders which may pose a potential harm to the physical or emotional well-being of the student or others, and/or cause significant disruption to the normal functions and activities of the University.
  • Typically are directly observable, but, may also include a student’s electronic communications (e.g., e-mail, social networking sites, postings to electronic classrooms, etc.).

Uncharacteristic Behavior

  • Unusual or abrupt changes in behaviors or patterns
  • Extreme reaction to a loss or traumatic event
  • Uncharacteristically poor performance
  • Evidence of depression, hopelessness, or suicidal thoughts/plans
  • Inappropriate responses such as prolonged irritability, angry outbursts, or intense reactions
  • Strained interpersonal relations, isolating behaviors, or low self-esteem
  • Significant change in life circumstances such as loss of job or relationship