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Student Health and Wellness

Wellness Team

North Park University is committed to caring for students throughout their time on campus. The close-knit nature of our community allows staff and faculty to get to know individual students, building relationships that often last beyond their years here. This also means we’re able to identify and walk alongside students who face a wide variety of challenges, and we’re prepared to provide a supportive environment that helps address physical, mental, or emotional issues that might impact a student’s ability to succeed in college.

The Wellness Team, overseen by the Student Engagement Division, assists in caring for all students, enhancing their educational and personal development by providing a supportive environment. While the team hopes to be proactive in addressing particular concerns, they are equipped to react quickly to particular situations when necessary for the health and well-being of all students.

Serving as a resource for the whole campus, the Wellness Team reviews reports of at-risk student behavior, with consideration given to all confidentiality laws and standards. The team’s discussions include understanding how the individual is interacting on campus and in the community; identifying existing points of communication and support; and developing an action plan to respond to the situation.

After a careful assessment of the affected student’s needs, family circumstances, and healthcare practitioner recommen­dations, the Wellness Team will make recommendations for care and support services. In limited situations, the Wellness Team may also recommend to the University a course of action as a condition of continuing enrollment based on campus health and safety concerns.

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Wellness Team Members

The Wellness Team meets on a regular basis and as needed. Membership purposefully includes student support personnel from across campus. The Team’s standing members are:

Colleagues from other offices or units are included depending on the case and/or if other expertise is needed (e.g., legal counsel, international students). Team membership may evolve over time to meet the needs of North Park students.