Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships—A Vision for Global Community

Welcome to a place in your North Park experience where your faith, learning, and service will meet in transformative experiences around the world. Whether you serve alongside local partners right here in local disaster relief zones or as distant as the Zulu Hills of South Africa, your eyes are sure to be opened and your heart ignited with the things closest to God’s heart.

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Global Partnerships Life Group

Global Partnerships does not stop with a global pandemic! Our partners are working all over the globe to make a better, more just world for their neighbors. Will you join me as we support them?

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Our Favorite Partnership Moments

2019-2020 Global Partnerships Leaders at the Annual UMin Leadership Retreat at Lake Geneva, WI
2019-2020 Global Partnerships Leaders at the Annual UMin Leadership Retreat at Lake Geneva, WI
Quinn Leach, '19: South Africa
Karla Fogel, Kajsa Meyer, Hannah Lewis, Daniel Strom, Kathryn Farag, Kimberly Leo: Elephant Island, Maharashtra, India.
Andrew Pecson, C'18, N'Dola Zambia
Akshaydeep (HCC) and Professor Emeritus Karla Fogel in Mumbai, India
True Partnership, N'Dola Zambia

Travel with a Purpose

Our Mission

Global Partnerships provides opportunities for students to use their gifts and callings to serve with local partners, both in the US and abroad.

Our Vision

North Park students serve with trusted international partners already engaging in transforming community work. Students go to participate with them, learning from them what it means to be a follower of Jesus in an intercultural context. Both the students and the partners grow in relationship and in commitment to justice-centered lives that lift up communities both in the US and abroad.

Our Partnerships Change Lives

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