University Ministries

Mexico: Oaxaca

Spring Break – $1,300

About the Trip

Work alongside ECC cross-cultural workers through Merge Ministries to provide children and their parents with basic healthcare and fun afternoon kids camps. Nursing students qualify for community health credit.

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Partner: Serve Globally, Merge Ministries   

Core Values:
Merge Ministries is a ministry of the Covenant partnering with international evangelical organizations, in order to encourage local ministries and enhance what they are doing in their communities.

  1. Covenant Church – our primary objective is giving Covenant churches from around the world an opportunity to partner with Covenant ministries and partner evangelical ministries around the world, However, Merge is not exclusively Covenant and is open to other evangelical groups participating in the ministry. 
  2. Partnering – our objective is for a partnership to be developed for that week, if not for longer. The visiting team is not doing things FOR the local ministry, but WITH them. 
  3. Community – the focus is on ministry outside of the local church including evangelism and social ministry; in the neighborhood and surrounding areas of the church. There is less emphasis on ministry for the church and in the church. 
  4. Ministry – this is Christ-centered and Kingdom furthering, not just a learning activity or social project. 
  5. Encourage – knowing community ministry to often be discouraging, frustrating, and tiring, a goal of the team’s visit is to encourage the local ministry staff, leadership, and members, by being with them as partners in ministry. In order to do this, relationships need to be established. 
  6. Enhance – expecting the local ministry to already be involved in community ministry, the skills, gifts and experience of the visiting team members are to be utilized to strengthen and support what the local organization is doing. The hope is having the mission team involved will make the community ministries more successful. 

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