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April 27, 2018

Book Announcement: “Market Cities, People Cities” Co-authored by University Provost, Michael Emerson

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Newly released by NYU Press is Market Cities, People Cities: The Shape of Our Urban Future, co-authored by Michael Emerson, Provost of North Park University, and Kevin T. Smiley.

About Provost Emerson

From the Publisher

From the publisher:

Book Cover of Market Cities, People CitiesAn in-depth look at the urban environments of Houston and Copenhagen

How are modern cities changing, and what implications do those changes have for city inhabitants? What kinds of cities do people want to live in, and what cities do people want to create in the future? Michael Oluf Emerson and Kevin T. Smiley argue that western cities have diverged into two specific and different types: market cities and people cities. Market cities are focused on wealth, jobs, individualism, and economic opportunities. People cities are more egalitarian, with government investment in infrastructure and an active civil society. Analyzing the practices and policies of cities with two separate foci, markets or people, has substantial implications both for everyday residents and future urban planning and city development.

As twenty-first century cities diverge, Market Cities, People Cities is essential for urban dwellers anxious to be active in their pursuit of their best cities, as well as anyone looking to the future of cities around the world. ”


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