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February 05, 2018

North Park University Launches New “Truth Seekers” Campaign

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A new marketing campaign for North Park University will soon be featured on billboards throughout the city of Chicago as well as on traditional FM radio and Spotify Radio ads. For interested members of the North Park community, the University offers this insight into the campaign’s unique message.

Campaign description: “True Leaders are Truth Seekers” is a bold educational message that is unique in the market. Passion, Purpose, Preparation, and Direction are overly used competitor positions that cannot compare to the strength and purity of the word Truth. North Park’s Truth statement embodies personal truth, social truth, and spiritual truth as well as the belief that education pursues and values those truths. The North Park educational experience helps to create, foster, and direct students to be true to themselves, true to their faith, true to their principles, and therefore to be true leaders in every facet or path their career takes them.

"True Leaders Are Truth Seekers." billboard ad with male student.

Campaign imagery: To keep the Truth Seeker message honest and true, it was important to use real North Park students in real campus situations to embody and impart the spirit and validity of the campaign. To accomplish this, the campaign features real North Park students photographed on campus, in their environment, showing the diversity, breadth of culture, ethnicity, and individualism that is a strength of the University. The tone and style of the photography exude a quiet and strong confidence in the student’s decision, their future, and their personal truth that is inspirational and aspirational. This direction was achieved through subtle smiles, comfortable body language that is not forced, and a variety of poses and perspectives that do not always involve looking directly at the camera—all in context of their real academic situations. The strategic direction of these visuals connect to the audience and embody not only Christian values but socially conscious positions that are very much relevant in the world today. The presentation of these powerful images in billboard executions with a clean and uncluttered messaging hierarchy and call to action maximizes impact and creates a distinctive, strong brand in a cluttered and saturated education landscape.

"True Leaders are Truth Seekers." billboard ad with female student

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