History Course Descriptions

HSTY 5134 – Theology of St. Augustine
Through primary and secondary readings, this seminar explores Augustine's significant influence on the development of western theology. It is concerned with Augustine the pastor as well as with his thought and the context of his polemical writings.

HSTY 5135 – Theology of Luther
This seminar examines through reading, research, and discussion the selected treatises of Luther with particular reference to major doctrinal themes of the Reformation set in their historical context.

HSTY 5136 – Theology of the Reformers
This seminar provides opportunity to explore more fully the major areas of Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed, Radical, and English renewal in the 16th century.

HSTY 5137 – Theology of Kierkegarrd
This seminar is a study of selected writings of this significant 19th century Danish philosopher/theologian in their historical contexts.

HSTY 5140 – Pietism: Studies in Personal and Church Renewal
Pietism concerned itself with the rebirth of persons and the renewal of congregations. The contributions of Arndt, Spener, Francke, Bengel, Zinzendorf, and Rosenius to that end are studied.

HSTY 5200 – Christian Heritage I: the Early and Medieval Church
This course provides a basic introduction to the history of the Christian church from apostolic times through the Middle Ages, with emphasis on the expansion of the church, persons, institutional growth, and theological development.

HSTY 5201 – Christian Heritage Ii: the Reformation And Modern Church
The basic introduction to the history of the Christian church is continued in this study from the Reformation to the present. Special attention will focus on the institutional and theological diversity of the modern world church in its cultural settings.

HSTY 6210 – Christian Tradition & Mission
This introductory course surveys the history of Christian life and thought from the early church to the present. Focusing on people, events, and developing traditions, the course also examines the missional life of the Christian Church. For MACF and MACM students only.

HSTY 6224 – Early Christian Thought & Life
This seminar includes readings and research on the development of Christian doctrine in the Eastern and Western fathers during the first six centuries of the church.

HSTY 6254 – Pentecostal and Charismatic History and Theology
An historical and theological approach to the emergence of the Pentecostal and charismatic traditions in the American experience. Special attention will be given to the varieties of interpretation of the movement and to contemporary controversies within it.

HSTY 6255 – African-American Religious Experience In America
Examines the history of religious life of African- Americans, their relation to Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, and the development of independent denominations, sects, and cults.

HSTY 6256 – The Bible in American Life
This seminar examines the function, use, and status of the Bible in American culture. While some attention is paid to academic study of the Bible, the primary focus is the way the Bible has been used in various movements by particular groups and important individuals in the Christian community.

HSTY 6257 – The American Religious Experience
This course examines the development of religious life in North America from historical and sociological perspectives. The course surveys developments in Christianity as well as other world religious traditions and some smaller religious movements. Topics will include but not be limited to: the move from Christian diversity to religious pluralism, religious freedom, religion and society, spirituality, and theological issues.

HSTY 7190 – Special Topics in Christian History
This course will focus on various special topics in Christian history. This course may be taken more than once.

HSTY 7191 – Young Life Staff Training Courses
These courses are offered by Young Life and given graduate credit through North Park Theological Seminary.

HSTY 7192 – Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Staff Training Courses
These courses are offered by Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship and given graduate credit though North Park Theological Seminary.

HSTY 7300 – History and Theology of the Covenant Church
The course is designed to help the student understand and interpret the evangelical and pietistic tradition within which the Evangelical Covenant Church stands. Attention is given to the Reformation and to expressions of pietism and its historic and theological development in Sweden and North America in the 19th and 20th centuries.

HSTY 7310 – Wilderness and Faith
This offsite, experiential course, based on substantial reading and reflection, explores the theme of wilderness in relation to the Bible, Christian history, and spirituality, as well as the American context of stewardship and a land ethic. Set in the Iron Range of the upper peninsula of Michigan, this May course includes a wilderness experience on the Flambeau River and local trails. This course has limited enrollment and students must have the instructors' permission to register.

HSTY 7390 – Independent Study in History
An opportunity for students to explore a topic of interest outside the regular curriculum. Instructor's permission required. Submission of course proposal/syllabus to the academic dean is required.

HSTY 7490 – Thesis I: Topics in History

HSTY 7491 – Thesis II: Topics in History

HSTY 7511 – History of the Evangelical Covenant Church
This core course assists the student in gaining a deeper knowledge of and appreciation for the history of the Evangelical Covenant Church. This includes background in the Lutheran Reformation tradition, the personal and ecclesial renewal brought by Pietism, the free church movements that influenced the revivals of the nineteenth century, and the subsequent challenges and opportunities of mission and growth. Transplantation from Sweden to North America through immigration provides the initial context of the history and the church's development through the generations in becoming what is today a diverse, multi-ethnic denomination. The course will also focus on several key issues in its ongoing life together.