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Community Life

Community Groups

Student Association and Student Leadership Team

All North Park Theological Seminary students are members of the NPTS Student Association. Students are represented by a Student Leadership Team who volunteer to serve for a term of two years. Serving as a member of the Student Leadership Team is a great way to be an active part of the student body.


The mission of the Student Leadership Team (SLT) is to minister to and through the Seminary community through student-initiated events, services, advocacy, and cooperation with other Seminary offices. The SLT meets each month to address students’ needs and concerns and to plan social events for the student body. It also provides a student representative to the administration, faculty, and the Seminary Board of Trustees.


The SLT focuses its work in the areas of Community, Care, Connection and Communication. For the Academic Year of 2021-22 the team will focus its work on campus life with the goal of integrating representation of all the constituencies which make up the entire NPTS student body.


Each spring, the current SLT will prayerfully discern the following year’s team while also gathering feedback from the Office of Student Services. They will look at the current team, ask God where He is leading them to invite new leaders, and then personally invite new student leaders to serve for the following year. The SLT will together determine in what capacity each member will serve.

All North Park Theological Seminary students are strongly encouraged to bring ideas and concerns to the Student Leadership Team.

Chapel Committee

The Chapel Committee plans weekly Chapel services and other special worship gatherings as requested by Seminary administration.

Chapel provides a central time of worship that allows the community to be formed by the Word of God and by the sacraments. As planned by the Chapel Committee, services are led by a variety of students, faculty, pastors, and staff. Missionaries, evangelists, pastors, or scholars may preach or lead worship.

Mind the Gap (formerly Globalization and Diversity Committee)

Mind the Gap is composed of members of the seminary faculty, staff, and student body. Its purpose is to evaluate, advise, and advocate around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion both within and outside the community. This includes issues of curriculum and course content; leadership, policies, and administration; devotional life and student life.

The committee helps the seminary best represent the diverse and global nature of the Evangelical Covenant Church, as well as the global church. The group focuses on the fact that students join our community from diverse backgrounds and are preparing to serve in a diverse world. Mind the Gap is a space in which voices can be heard from all of our student cohorts regardless of whether or not they are physically on the North Park campus. To this end, the group meets regularly as an e-committee.