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Student Association

All North Park Theological Seminary students are members of the NPTS Student Association. Students elect a representative Student Council. Serving on the SA is a great way to be an active part of the student body.


The mission of the Student Council is to minister to and through the Seminary community through student-initiated events, services, advocacy, and cooperation with other Seminary offices. The Council meets each month to address students’ needs and concerns and to plan social events for the student body. It also provides a student representative to the administration, faculty, and the Seminary Board of Trustees.


Within the Student Association there are four standing committees: Community Concerns, Outreach/Missions, Social, and Financial/Academic. These committees are composed of a chair from the Student Council and representatives from the student body.


Elections are held in the spring of each year. Students who are not members of the Student Council are strongly encouraged to bring ideas and concerns to Council members.

Partners in Ministry

Formed when the Seminary was founded in 1891, Partners in Ministry (PIM) supports spouses of Seminary students and provides opportunities for growth and ministry. In addition to hosting social events, Bible studies, and retreats, the group offers support to families after the arrival of new children and in times of crisis.

Partners in Ministry and its educational branch, Partners’ Enrichment Program, have been established to work in tandem, offering opportunities to gain support, friendship, spiritual growth, education, and practical skills. Together they help spouses discover and nurture the gifts God has given them and prepare them for their future beyond the Seminary.

Find more PIM resources on the North Park PIM blog or contact our current PIM leader at to get connected.

Women and Ministry

The Evangelical Covenant Church and North Park Theological Seminary encourage and support women serving in all areas of ministry. Recognizing the challenges that women face in pastoral ministry and leadership across the church, Women and Ministry meets regularly for fellowship, discussion, and support.

All women preparing for ministerial service, female faculty and staff, and women in ministry from our community are invited to participate. Men are also welcome to participate. Outside resources, focusing on specific issues that concern women in ministry, often complement the program. The dean of Seminary students serves as advisor and coordinates meetings.

Chapel Committee

The Chapel Committee plans weekly Chapel services and other special worship gatherings as requested by Seminary administration.

Chapel provides a central time of worship that allows the community to be formed by the Word of God and by the sacraments. As planned by the Chapel Committee, services are led by a variety of students, faculty, pastors, and staff. Missionaries, evangelists, pastors, or scholars may preach or lead worship.

Globalization and Diversity Committee

The Globalization and Diversity Committee is composed of members of the Seminary faculty, administration, and student body. Its purpose is to evaluate, advise, and advocate around issues of globalization and diversity within the community. This includes issues of curriculum and course content, leadership and administration, devotional life, and student life.

The committee helps the Seminary best represent the diverse and global nature of the Evangelical Covenant Church, as well as the global church. The group focuses on the fact that students join our community from diverse backgrounds and are preparing to serve in a diverse world.