Theology Course Descriptions

THEO 5102 – Research Methods
An introduction to the sources, methods, and communication of research in each theological field. Required for MATS; recommended for students intending further graduate work.

THEO 5171 – Theology of Caring and Health
This course will demonstrate that caring and health are terms equally applicable to the disciplines of healthcare and theology. Students will develop a practical theological understanding of the human story, worldviews, the meaning of personhood, the environment, health, suffering, spirituality, caring, and the church's role in healthcare.

THEO 5175 – Ethics of Caring and Health
This course brings into discernment the ethical questions and issues involved in caring. Caregiver roles of lay, family, and professional persons as well as institutions will be discussed. Topics include influence and power, care of neonates, care of the terminally ill, healthcare delivery systems, research and experimentation, and other issues. In addition, students will learn to apply an interdisciplinary Christian ethical-decision model.

THEO 5220 – Planning for the Arts in Worship
This course offers foundational information in planning for the arts in worship, as well as opportunities to plan and participate in the use of the arts for seminary chapel.

THEO 6279 – The Church & Its Mission
This course is will explore the views of seven major Christian communions on the nature of the church and its mission in the world. Faculty members from various seminaries representing each of these communions will lecture on the course topic, and student teams will make field trips to congregations. The course meets on selected evenings and Saturdays of fall term at various locations.

THEO 6330 – Christian Theology Theological Foundations
An introduction to the doctrines, methods, and tasks of Christian theology, seeking active appropriation of Christian faith in the context of the church and in engagement with the world.

THEO 6331 – Theology of Stanley Hauerwas
A survey of the theology and ethics of Stanley Hauerwas through a sustained engagement with his writing. The course explores the development of Hauerwas' position, its characteristic emphases, and common criticisms of it.

THEO 6332 – Thought of Wendell Berry
An exploration of Berry's wisdom through representative reading in his fiction, poetry, and essays. The course engages key Berrian themes and explores the compatibility and contribution of Berry's vision to contemporary Christian life and thought.

THEO 6333 – Theology and Film
This course explores theological dimensions of popular movies. Besides reading, lecture, and research, the class screens and discusses several movies. Students will become conversant in film analysis, develop skills in cultural analysis and criticism, and deepen their understanding of Christian theology.

THEO 6334 – Theological & Ethical Foundations of Justice
This course explores the theological and ethical foundations of justice ministries. Careful study of the Bible probes the grounds of the claim that justice is central to biblical religion. Such study seeks to distinguish the definition of justice that is rendered by the biblical tradition from the classical Greek notion and examines Jesus as a prophet of justice.

THEO 7190 – Special Topics in Theology
This course will focus on various special topics in theology.

THEO 7191 – Young Life Staff Training Courses
These courses are offered by Young Life and given graduate credit through North Park Theological Seminary.

THEO 7192 – Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Staff Training Courses
These courses are offered by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and given graduate credit through North Park Theological Seminary.

THEO 7203 – Christian Worship
This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of liturgical studies. The course explores the history of Christian worship, liturgical theology, the place of ritual in the life of faith, as well as the application of a praxis-theory-praxis model to the worship concerns of pastoral ministry.

THEO 7220 – Christian Ethics Christian Ethics & the Church
An introduction to the methods and topics of moral reflection and action in their biblical, historical, and theological context. The course focuses on new life in Christ as embodied in the church for the world.

THEO 7350 – Doctrinal Topic
An in-depth study of a selected doctrine or theological theme in its historical and systematic context. This course may be repeated with different doctrines.

THEO 7373 – Worship Arts
This course considers the arts in worship using historical examples and liturgical theology paradigms. It provides a background on music, drama, dance, visual arts, media, and architecture/environment. Criteria for theological, liturgical, and aesthetic assessment will be included.

THEO 7375 – Issues in Cov Life & Thought

THEO 7385 – Distinctives of Cov Theology

THEO 7390 – Independent Study in Theology
An opportunity for students to explore a topic of interest outside the regular curriculum. Instructor's permission required. Submission of course proposal/syllabus to the academic dean is required.

THEO 7490 – Thesis I: Topics in Theology

THEO 7491 – Thesis II: Topics in Theology

THEO 7495 – Comprehensive - MA.TS

THEO 7500 – Theological Distinctives: ECC

THEO 7501 – Theology of the Evangelical Covenant Church
This course explores the core doctrines of the Evangelical Covenant Church and the theological diversity expressed in its life together. While the ECC identifies itself with the historical doctrines of the whole Christian church, it has distinctive theological positions and methods. The course will examine such central doctrines as scripture, ecclesiology, sacraments, and Holy Spirit, giving attention to Covenant Affirmations and other sources as a framework for theological reflection.

THEO 7510 – Character of the ECC