Tuition and Fees

North Park takes a straight-forward approach to tuition and fees so you can understand and manage your costs. We work to be transparent about our costs—you’ll never get a bill for “hidden” fees that are charged to all students.

 Basic costs looks like this:

Tuition $25,740
Room (shared), board (15 meals per week), and activity fee $8,580
Total $34,320

Variations on these costs may occur if students choose a single-occupancy room or a different meal plan. Some courses have minimal additional fees, and music students may pay extra for private lessons. See below for complete details on the various costs and fees you may encounter as an undergraduate student at North Park University.

Beyond what you’ll pay directly to North Park University, you can also estimate up to $3,000–$4,000 per year for other personal college expenses. Learn more.

Comprehensive Cost Schedule

In the tables below, we've included the costs for the 2015–2016 year to assist students and families who are planning for next year. More detailed costs for 2015–2016 will be posted as they are available.


Full-time (12-17 hours per semester) $25,740 per year
$12,870 per semester
Part-time (1-11 hours per semester)
$850 per credit hour
Overload (hours beyond 17 per semester)
$500 per credit hour
$50 per credit hour
Non-credit languages
$200 per course

Housing Prices

Residence hall double or triple occupancy
$4,560 per year
($2,280 per semester)
Residence hall regular single occupancy $6,840 per year
($3,420 per semester)
Residence hall small single occupancy (limited) $5,700 per year
($2,850 per semester)
Apartments and bungalows, including Park North $5.270 per year
($2,635 per semester)
Sawyer Court condos
$5,610 per year
($2,805 per semester)
Resident activities fee
$120 per year
($60 per semester)
Non-compliance fee
$2,200 per year
($1,100 per semester)

Meal Plan Prices

North Park University's dining hall is operated by ARAMARK Food Services and offers a wide range of options to meet all dietary needs (including gluten-free, and vegetarian). Students who live in residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan.

10 meals per week $3,380 per year
($1,690 per semester)
15 meals per week (most common)
$3,900 per year
($1,950 per semester)
20 meals per week
$4,420 per year
($2,210 per semester)

ARAMARK also offers a Flex Dollars program to enable students to use their North Park student ID as a debit card for on-campus purchases in the dining hall, Einstein Brother’s Bagels (in the Johnson Center), and the Viking POD Market (in Carlson Tower). Learn more.

Course Fees

Art (Courses numbered 1040, 1100, 2020, 2060, 3020, 3040, 3050, 4020)
Art (Courses numbered 2100, 3100, 2030, 3060, 4060)
Art and Society (GH 1850)
Biology (Courses numbered 3700–3790
$100 per credit hour
Communications (Courses numbered 2140, 3430)
Education Practicum B (EDUC 3510) for undergraduates
Education (Courses numbered 2140, 5310, 6020)
Music Applied Lesson Fee (1 or 2 credits)
$175 per credit hour
Nursing A.T.I. Testing Fee
Nursing Clinical Fee (junior and senior years)
$1,830 per semester
Nursing Labs $125
 Psychology $75
Science and Computer Science $200
WRIT 5000 Writing for Professionals $525

Administrative Fees

Application/Reapplication Fee $40
Course Add Fee $15 per course added
CLEP and Credit by Exam Administration Fee $50
Credit by Exam Posting to Transcript Fee $35 per credit hour
Finance Charge 1.5% assessed monthly on past-due balances
Graduation Fee $150
International Student Services Fee $500 per semester
Late Payment Fee $50
Commuter Student Parking Sticker $150 per year
Resident Student Parking Sticker $300 per year
Transcript Fee $6 per copy