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Financial Aid and Tuition

The Cost (and Value) of a College Education

At North Park University, our long-standing commitment to keeping college affordable is part of who we are. We believe that we provide a unique college experience in Chicago, marked by access to world-class scholars, deep discussions of life’s biggest questions, and intercultural education—and that students from all walks of life are an important part of this. We want you to know that if you choose to make an investment in studying at North Park, you’ll get a quality academic and community experience at the best price we can offer.

According to the College Board, our tuition is approximately 15% less than most private, four-year Midwestern colleges. What other schools may appear to offer in financial aid, we account for in reduced upfront tuition—you receive the immediate benefit of a more affordable cost overall, not just a discount.

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Get the comprehensive details on tuition, fees, housing, meal plans, and other fees you may encounter as a student at North Park.

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