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Attendance and Drop Policies

How many classes can I miss before it impacts my grade?

The graduate courses in the School of Business and Nonprofit Management are all 7 weeks in length. Missing one class session is allowed without penalty as long as the student makes up all readings and assignments within a reasonable time period (typically the following week). Failing to log into an online course site for an entire week is allowed, but a penalty may be applied at the instructor’s discretion. Missing a second class session is allowed only in unusual circumstances by prior arrangement with the instructor. Since this represents almost 30% of the engagement time for the course, the student runs the risk of receiving a lower overall grade for the class. Faculty are encouraged to drop the course grade by a full letter grade in this situation.

A student who misses three classes (or the equivalent two weeks for an online class) will automatically fail the course, unless the student drops the course before the seventh week of class. Students who drop a course will be held responsible for tuition, based upon the current North Park University refund policy outlined in the University Catalog.

What is the drop policy?

You are responsible for emailing your instructor and graduate advisor by the fifth week of the class if you decide to withdraw from a class. You  will not be able to drop your course via WebAdvisor after the term begins and must have approval from the instructor and graduate advisor to withdraw. It is critical that you contact your instructor if you are struggling with assignment deadlines or if circumstances prevent you from completing your class.